Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day

Two posts in one day! Yes. Because I have time to actually do it and if I wait any longer it will seem lame. So here it goes...

Coming down the stairs...


Maya got the telescope from Santa that she had been hoping for.

Santa only brings one present per child, and he totally delivered on this one!


Eden wanted a "real" guitar. And once again, Santa made her dreams come true. He even got her a rock girl outfit to go with it!



Since Santa does usually one big gift per girl, he usually goes light on the stocking know stuff like, tooth brushes, mini pig flashlights, head bands, hand sanitizer and chapstick. The kind of stuff every kid asks for.

Aric and I decided at Maya's first Christmas that our children would only get three gifts from mom and dad, because that is how many gifts the wise men brought Jesus. I know that they will get gifts from grandparents too and I don't want them to expect lots of presents every year. So that is how we do it.

Here is Eden with her stash...


Maya and her stash...


Because they know they don't get very many gifts they put alot of thought into what they ask for. This year they wanted High School Musical 3 dolls that came with microphones...Maya wanted Troy and Eden wanted Sharpay.


Eden had been wanting a Webkinz forever. Apparently she is the ONLY kid who doesn't have one. Lucky for her I got a BOGO deal so she got not one...but TWO!


Eden got a light bright from Grandma Kathy and Papa Ron and Maya got this table top easel. They have been playing with both of these together. They love them. They will also love the money I put into their savings account that Papa and Grandma sent.

IMG_2529 IMG_2530

This is a picture of the girls saying "Thank You" for the gifts that they got each other. They have around five bucks to spend and they have to earn it. I love how happy they are to give each other gifts. Hopefully that will last....


Now, just so you know, I totally hesitated to include this next picture. In fact, I originally had it cropped so you couldn't see my entire ensemble. But then I decided that this is what I looked like Christmas morning so I shouldn't leave anything out. Not even my black knee high socks with silver skulls on them.


Aric got me that red socks sweater....I was totally shocked because number one...we don't do gifts. We save money and go on trips. Number two...we are in the middle of an adoption that is costing us almost three times the amount we thought we were going to pay! Camden is our present to each other for every holiday for the next ten years! So needless to say, I was very surprised.



Aric and Ben fried two yummy turkeys. One was BBQ and the other was an Italian dressing/garlic/butter one. SO YUMMY!

Dishin' up the goods...


We had our good friends the Hansen's join us. This was Brooke's plate. The portions made me laugh.


Here is the table....


Here are the kids at their tables...


Olivia's first year at the "grownup" table...


So there you have it. Our Christmas Day celebration. I tried to document it well. But I still didn't get pictures of the actual turkeys when they were all done, or the grown ups sitting at the "grown up " table. And I didn't get a picture of the guys watching the Strongest Man competition. Oh well...there's always next year.


Jenny Erazo said...

Boy you guys sure do it up right! The turkey sounds really yummy!

calibosmom said...

We fried a turkey too! They are so good!!! I like the three gifts idea. It keeps it from getting out of control. That is one sweet telescope and you know I'm lovin' that outfit.

Jean McKendrick said...

Your pictures are so fun to see. Christmas is truly the greatest time of year. Where in Washington do you live?

Erin said...

I love your outfit! :) I think that this is the first year that Spencer hasn't intentionally snapped a pic of me in my usually embarassing Christmas morning attire. :)

just the five of us said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas. I remember once that you told me about Jesus getting 3 gifts, I really like that idea. Infact, I have shared it with many friends. I like how your children appreciate Christmas the spirit, and the spirit of giving.

AMY said...

I have totally missed the Christmas blogs... but we're having a great time visiting family. Looks like you enjoyed family too.

Your nativity scene looked fun. Maybe one day we'll participate? If we ever stay home :)

I hope Aric is doing better. I hope that nasty thing is out. We'll talk to you soon.

PS Maya telescope... awesome!

Lauren in GA said...

I totally admire Brooke's portion control. I should follow her example!

I am so glad you posted your entire ensemble because I think you look adorable. Great job to your hubby for sneaking you a gift! You look great in your jacket!

Lindsay said...

HAHAHAHA! Our boys watched the strongest man comp also! Merry Christmas dear friend, I'm impressed you can think to blog. I need some more pics of baby though!

Mahina said...

i LOVE the three gifts idea! i really want to adopt it into our family! it seems ridiculous every year how many gifts the girls get once everyone has given presents to them. This year kawena had about 5 gifts just sitting under the tree several days after christmas that she didn't even open. so i returned them!

that is one serious telescope!