Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Deckin' the Halls

I love Christmas. I love everything about it. I especially like to decorate my house. So I thought I would document how we do Christmas in our house...

(Oh and Natalie, you may want to stop reading now. Your lack of festiveness this year might make you feel guilty after seeing the nonsense that we call decorating...)


First comes the toy box. This musical experience is courtesy of my mother in law. The girls love it and it's the first Christmas decoration we unpack.

Then come the trees...yes that is plural. Family tree, the girls tree and my tree.

We do the family tree first which consists of ornaments we have collected over the years that represent different milestones and experiences. Aric's parents had a tradition that the kids got a new ornament every year, so we have adopted that tradition in our family. I decided to highlight a few of them.

This bike is an ornament I stole from my friend Meghann at an ornament party.


Some milestones...our first Christmas, the year the Red Sox won the world series.

IMG_2343 IMG_2339

The year the girls fell in love with the musical "Wicked" and the year Maya went to Disneyland for the first time.

IMG_2346 IMG_2348

Crazy ornaments that bring back fun the swinging lion that Aric stole from Ryan at the last ornament party. He has a special place at the top of our tree.


The homemade ones that the girls make us.

IMG_2351 IMG_2354

And the ones that Aric has had since he was a baby. Some of them find themselves in the back of the tree....but they are still there!


Now my tree...No one touches this tree but me. It is a work in progress as I refuse to spend a ton of money on it. So after Christmas every year I go and look for things that I would like to add to it.


IMG_2434 IMG_2449

IMG_2448 IMG_2443

While I'm working on my tree, the girls are upstairs working on theirs...


Then we have Aric's figurines. He has a fondness for them, and as much as I dislike little things everywhere...I have given in.

This Peanuts thing has so many broken pieces it's not even funny.


This carousel horse display has a specific order...ask Aric.


Then we have the Christmas story figurines...

IMG_2384 IMG_2385

We actually have a real life leg lamp, yes a real one. It even came in a FRAGILE (frageelay) box.


What... you mean that's too far away?!!!


It's proudly displayed by Aric in his office...which also happens to be our closet.

Now back to some more wholesome decorations.

Like these cute ones over my porch...


And the ever so wholesome gingerbread houses...not homemade, I'm all about buying the kit.


IMG_2391 IMG_2396


And of course the stockings. I made Aric's, mine and Maya's the year Maya was born. Aric helped pick out the fabric. As the years have gone by I've really wanted different ones that are all matchy matchy and more modern. Aric insists on keeping these, they are part of our Christmas tradition. So I just finished Camden's stocking. It is as modern and cool as I'm gonna get.


I have my nativity of course, flanked by nutcrackers...weren't they part of the story?...the girls like to help me decorate so things are extra festive.


Here is my fun table runner and centerpiece...



Unfortunately my table is rarely clean enough to enjoy how cute it is.

And here are a few other fun decorations...

My friend Riann made me these cute magnents, I put them on my light fixture that hangs over my table...ignore the dust.


The advent calendar and our Christmas Cards...

IMG_2368 IMG_2402

I love our built ins because it gives me more room to decorate. Here are a couple of my favorite shelves....


And last but not least the banister....


So I know we are little drunk on Christmas but that's the way we roll. It only happens once a year so we make the most of it. Even though I like things a certain way, and I actually like things a little more simple, the girls love helping and Aric rarely gets a say in anything so he may as well get his way at Christmas. It's my gift to him.

I love being surrounded by the symbols of Christmas. I love being able to teach my children about them. So our decorations aren't just decorations...they also represent the true meaning of Christmas. They represent Christ and his teachings...okay so maybe not the lion ornament or the leg lamp...but pretty much everything else.

Feliz Navidad!


Lauren in GA said...

Everything looks so lovely! I love your tree. It is breathtaking!

I have mis-matched stockings, too...but I can't seem to part with them.

That leg lamp made me burst out laughing!!! It is so funny that you have a full sized leg lamp like that complete with box!

Brian said your Lion looks weird. No offense ;)

Merry Christmas! Your home looks wonderful!

Lindsey said...

I love the ornament run down! I recieved all of my own growing up too. I was gonna do a post like that, but my family came in on Monday, and I have been going crazy since then. Looks like tons of fun.. I kinda wish I still lived close enough to see it in person!

Leah said...

I love Christmas at your house! So many things have meaning and there are a lot of conversation pieces. I love that your husband even gets into it. That is darling.

I read your last post and I totally think you should wear that holiday outfit for the next 5 years too! That is smokin'.

My heart melts everytime I see a picture of your baby boy. He is so cute and it is the best Christams ever because he is home at last. Merry Christmas to you!

Jean McKendrick said...

What fun Christmas decorations, your house looks adorable. I like the snow you ordered this year, it was wonderful to have a white Christmas!

♥Shally said...

No one touches my tree either. That's why the kids all get their own! It really is the ONE thing that is mine. :)

Your house looks great!

jo said...

Very cute, I bet the girls love it! But where is the stocking Grandma Audrey made Aric when he was a baby? I was especially looking for that one. :( He got the one that took months to make. Successive grandchildren were given beautiful stockings as well - but none that were that much work!
Merry Christmas - is Camden in need of anything special for a "welcoming" gift?

Melissa-Mc said...

Lots of fun and cute decorations.

Where did you get those Christmas Story figurines? I need to get those!

We have 5 1/2 Christmas trees. Yes, we are a little obsessive but it makes us happy.

Mrs Ana said...

Love all the Christmas decorations but the lion is very scary!!

just the five of us said...

Mike wants a leg lamp too, infact he googled it the other day and is saving his pennies. He is very jealous of Aric. When we get ours, I bet he makes me put it in the front window!!!

calibosmom said...

This could be my house. It's scary how many of the same pictures I just took of the Christmas things around my house. We don't have a leg lamp but only because my in laws have a REAL one proudly displayed all year long in the family room. My mother in law changes the stockings to fit the season. Kooky!

Ilene said...

How did I miss the leg lamp last year?

Now I feel like I have been to a Christmas party at your house. Thanks for having me.

Hey, we may not get out to Spokane if the weather doesn't break! Parts of the freeway are closed but hopefully things will clear up. I will let you know what happens.

Leah said...

Wow, that is a compliment to ME that we could remind someone of each other. You are way cute. So that means I am way cute? :) Of course it does. ;) That was funny.

Becky said...

Chad wants to know where Aric got the leg lamp

Natalie said...

My sister and brother in law have always proudly displayed their leg lamp during the holidays.

Thanks for the warning in the beginning. A few days ago I logged on, saw the warning and promptly logged off. Today I was ready for some holiday cheer (better late than never) so I checked back in and I'm glad that i did. Happy holidays!

theotheralbrechts said...

ok creepy so nice tree!! ours was a little out of sorts. a little girl by the name of margaret amelia got the lights caught in her teeth and down it went!! took micah hours to detangle the mess anymays the littl man is beautiful and no not aric!!! take care and maybe you should see the doc about getting some valium might take the stress of the mom moments!!!! lol love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!