Sunday, March 1, 2009

Parte Dos

So here is the next part of Manuel's Big Day post.
After the baptism we all went to my Tia Ines' house for dinner.  As you may know I come from some serious Latino blood, and that means a lot of  things...nice skin color, dark hair, strong family ties, strong will, dancing, music and FOOD!
These are my Abuelita Hernandez's famous chicken enchiladas. She made this batch especially for me (no onions).

This is the ham. Not just any ham...but THE HAM.
Manuel's Baptism16
I am not a ham kinda girl. I'm very particular about my pork and how it is prepared. This is the ONLY ham I like. I'm still not sure how they do it...brown sugar, pineapple, cloves...all I know is that it is DEILICOUS!
And this is the crew that agrees with me.
The best part of being together, besides the food, is just hanging out with each other and getting caught up on everything that is going on in our lives.
This picture is missing my youngest brother Ben. He was coaching his wrestling team, they had a tournament in Portland that day. We missed him.
I love when we gather for these special events. Now that we are all grown up and have separate lives in separate cities, it allows us to spend time together and nurture our relationships.
These pictures makes me laugh. It is Maya and Eden with my cousins Aby and Pochito, they are playing in my grandma's electric chair.
Manuel's Baptism7

Aric and Pochito getting crazy right before bedtime.
Manuel's Baptism5

Here is Tio Rico getting the giggles out of Eden.

And here are some cute pictures of Maxo.
Manuel's Baptism10

There was a special presentation made by Uncle Al to Manuel.
Manuel's Baptism9
Now that he will be passing the sacrament he needed to look the part...all smooth and clean shaven.
The next day we got to share a very special moment with Manuel.
It was time to say adios to Senor Mustache...
He was such a good sport...
Manuel's Baptism11
Manuel's Baptism12
Aric had to make sure those side burns looked just right.
Manuel took some time to mourn the loss of his first sign of manhood.

Tia Ines was THRILLED!
And the girls even approved of his new look.

Tia Ana and Uncle Al celebrating their mission accomplished.

I love my family and the time we get to spend together is truly precious. The efforts and sacrifices made to be together are completely and totally worth it.


Jean McKendrick said...

Your post made me smile, what a great family you have. Oh yah, the food looked delicious too, that's one thing our family knows how to do too, make lots and lots of food when we get together. I am sure I annoy my mother in law when I insist we have more food than she has planned at Thanksgiving (she likes to portion it all out).

Jenny Erazo said...

I love your family too! Like Jean, I smiled the whole time I was looking at pictures and reading the post!What an exciting time for your cousin and how nice that you could all be there to share it!

Mrs Ana said...

I'm disappointed that you didn't mention the famous Miller punch.:(
I love all the pictures of such an important event. Funny thing is that Manuels says that he likes his clean shaven face now. I'm so pleased with our accomplishment! Fun,fun,fun!!!!

Lauren in GA said...

I am cracking up over the picture of Maya and Eden rubbing Manuel's clean shaven face. The expressions on the girls' faces are priceless.

Everytime I read a post of yours I can feel how deeply you love your family, immediate and extended. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.

I would appreciate some of that ham and those enchiladas ;0

Lauren in GA said...

Hey...I forgot to put the smile on my emoticon... ;0)

There ya go!

calibosmom said...

Your family rocks! I love the shaving party. What a cute kid or should I say handsome young man. Glad you had fun!

nurse graham said...

What a wonderful thing for your cousin. My kiddos know exactly what he must have gone through, waiting for his father's permission. Their dad asked them to wait until they were 12 to be baptized. So hard to wait sometimes when all of your friends at church are being baptized and you have to wait.

The pictures are great. Your family really knows how to celebrate!

Andrew said...

what enchiladas? i had no idea we had enchiladas that night! you must have eaten them all! then again you probably had some help from a certain tall gringo partner in crime...

Elena said...

Ah jess, what would we do without you? Your posts done late in the night or wee hours of the morning are not lost on me. Words cannot express my appreciation (I'm sure I speak for the rest of us)for your efforts in documenting these sweet and memorable events for us. You definitely are using the wonderful talents that Heavenly Father has blessed with to bless the rest of your family, who are not so inclined or brave enough to do it. Tia Ana does come a close second as a blogger though. love your mommy dearest. : )

Mrs Ana said...

Wow! think I've dissed by my big Sis in the blog competition! It's a good thing I have thick skin!

Melissa-Mc said...

The enchiladas look yummy. I'm glad that it could be such a wonderful day for everyone.

Bridget said...

THose enchiladas look SO yummy!! Family rocks, you're right. I am so excited to be going to Arizona in a few weeks to visit mine. Its been way too long.