Friday, March 27, 2009

This ones for G.

One of my favorite blessings is having my sister live close by with her family...four girls and one little guy.
I love it because I get to be a part of their everyday lives. From school plays to birthdays I get to see it all.
Well last month my niece Gisele turned eight and was baptized. G is a very smart girl and has been preparing for this day. You can ask her about what she believes and she will tell you. She has a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and she was ready to become a member of his church. It was a very special day for G.

We had the usual crew there...
Abuelita and Papa Joe
Tio Marco, Tia Dani, Aby and Pochito
Tia Ines and Manuel
and us of course.
G was baptized by her dad, Andy.
Her big sister Olivia played the piano.
Gisele asked her Uncle Aric to give the talk on Baptism. He was happy to do it. It just so happened that Gisele got baptized on the same day Aric got baptized eleven years earlier.
My mom, G's abuelita, gave the talk on the Holy Ghost, she also made Gisele's baptism dress. Papa Joe and Tio Marco were witnesses. Her mom, my sister Evelynne, gave a spotlight on Gisele. Her sisters and cousins sang "If the Savior Stood Beside Me". Tio Marco and Tia Ines gave prayers and I was the chorister.
Andy confrimed G with, Tio Marco, Joe, Aric and Bishop Braun standing in the circle.
I am so proud of Gisele. Her spirit is strong and she has an awareness of what is right and what is wrong that is truly beyond her years. She seeks out truth and will fight for it. She is a good example to those around her and she is a great blessing to our family.
me and Gme and G2 
G, I was there when you entered this world, from that moment on I have loved you. I heard your very first cry. I was one of the very first people to hold you and kiss you. I will never forget the first time I saw your precious little are a beautiful girl and I love that I get to watch you grow up. You are so precious to me....
Tia Jessy


Kevin and Steph said...

I love the picture of your husband and Gisele! That is so cute and funny!!!

Andrew said...

Thank you for making a blog about me. I liked it. I'm glad you are my Tia. Love, Gisele
Nice post Jess. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Love you, Ev.

Elena said...

Thanks Jess. I've found out there are other persons besides our family that check your blog, so it's nice they can keep up w/our family happenings thru you. Thanks for the nice pic of Joe & me. We're old but we like to look good. :)xoxo

Elena said...

P.S. Everyone else looks good too!

calibosmom said...

What a sweetheart!

Jean McKendrick said...

She is a beautiful girl and I LOVE her name. I appreciate the post, it's so fun to see all or your siblings, their families, your mom, uncle, etc.

Jenny Erazo said...

What a nice post! I am sure you know but Again, I will say how very lucky you are to have such a GREAT family that is close by. I too love being able to see your family and all the beautiful children. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!

Lauren in GA said...

What a beautiful post, Jessica.

I think that is so neat that Aric and Giselle were being baptised on the same day only 11 years apart.

What a beautiful family you have ☺.

Mahina said...

what a wonderful day! i can't wait for nani's in 2 weeks!

AMY said...

you guys seem so close... your whole family... it's nice!

Lindsey said...

Jess I love your BIG FAMILY posts! You guys are awesome and a wonderful example of family love and support. :)