Friday, June 5, 2009

New Bikes

Aric's parents came for a visit last month. They hadn't seen Camden since he was a week old.


The girls were thrilled to see them. They were especially interested in the shark teeth and fossils that Aric's dad brought up from Florida.


They made these boards to show their classes at school.



The weather was nice enough for the girls to ride their bikes. That was when Grandma Kathy noticed how big the girls had grown and how they had outgrown their 16 inch bikes. Maya has been complaining for a while now about how she doesn't like her "little" bike and that some kids at school said it was "babyish". It doesn't take much for Eden to jump on the bandwagon so of course her bike was too little too.

Well, since I'm not one to break the budget because some little jerks don't know the "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all rule", I told Maya that we would get her a bike for her August.


(Here's a picture of Maya on her "babyish" bike.)


(Here's Eden on her "little" bike.)


Well, guess what.....Grandma and Grandpa to the rescue. A few days after they left we got a little letter in the mail with a check in it to get both girls an early birthday present.

We shopped around at four different stores when we finally found this perfect bike for Maya. She was so picky! (Surprise, Surprise) First she wanted a green bike. Which does not exist in her size in our area. And of course, she couldn't have one that had hearts, butterflies, or Hannah Montana on it. (which is fine by me because I can't STAND that Miley Cyrus girl) When we found this one she was so happy. The graphic are yellow/white circles. Not too little girlish.



Then there was Eden who wanted to test drive every single bike we saw. The one she really liked didn't come in her size. But honestly I don't think she really cared what it looked like as long as it was sparkly, pink and had a basket/backpack thing on it. When we saw this one, I knew it was the one for her. It had the most personality of any bike we had seen.



Look at the shocks on Eden's seat...


Seriously...there couldn't be a more perfect bike for that girl.

So thank heaven for Grandparents! My girls are still on cloud nine with their new bikes. Apparently they ride sooooooo much faster now. Eden loves to slam on her brakes and squeal her tires.

Oh and here is Camden practicing his driving skills....


Do you notice those sleeves, or lack of them I should say?....Yes ladies and gentlemen, we skipped spring and went straight to summer! Which is fine by me.


Jean McKendrick said...

Yah, Kai still has the 16 inch bike from when he was 3 too. I never even took the training wheels off and now because it was left out in the rain it's all rusty. Doesn't bother the kids, they still ride it, but I really should break down and get him a real bike, ya think! Your girls look cute and happy on their new bikes. The weather looks perfect.

Mrs Ana said...

Wqay to go girls! Nice ride! So blessed to have such nice grandparents. Those bikes did look way small for you. You have great taste. love ya! Tia

Jenny Erazo said...

Nice bikes! They should last them a few years huh. I just barely broke down and got ANdrea a new bike. Hers was the small one too but really, the big one seemed to big.

the wrath of khandrea said...

Moms Against Miley! UNITE!

new bikes are like new sneakers. your athletic abilities increase a hundredfold when you get them.

sadly, i find it only works on the children. i buy new sneakers, i'm still hurtin after any workout.

Natalie said...

Oh they looks so snazzy on their bikes:)!

Piper needs a new one too because hers is way too small. It is going to be her birthday present this year but i feel bad because giving her a bike on her birthday (July 4th) is a bit mean. She can't ride it because it is too hot to play outside. So she'll get a b-day present that will seem lame until October/November-ish...what's a mom to do?

Hope all is well with you. you've been on my brain the past couple of days...xoxo

Ilene said...

After last year's spring which posed as an extension winter, you deserve a fantastic summer.

Who LIKES Miley Cyrus? Seriously.

Elena said...

Very nice bikes girls. Totally nice grandparents. What a nice way to start the warm summer days. xoxo

Erin said...

Isabel would LOVE those bikes! And I love those cute little chubby baby arms!

Melissa-Mc said...

How fun for them. Cute bikes. Tonight my 3-year-old talked for about 5 minutes saying "Addison has a bike. I don't have a bike. Hunter has a bike. I don't have a bike........" He went through the entire family, so I think we may be bicycle shopping too.

just the five of us said...

We finally got Maddie a new bike last year, it is similiar to Eden's. I refuse to let her buy anything with Miley or Hananah Montana since they are the same girl. (it could be worse though...look how Lindsey Lohan and turned out:()

Mahina said...

nani has the exact same "baby-ish" bike! you should see her riding that thing around! it is quite comical. we are working on getting her a new one! she is going to use her birthday money to buy one!

love the new wheels!

Lauren in GA said...

I want to gnaw on Camden's yummy arms. Mmmmmmm.

Yay for Grandma and Grandpa!!!!!

I love the bikes that the girls chose.

I have enjoyed catching up on the posts that I missed while in the hospital. I really am sorry about the corrupt adoption agency and will pray for you.

doodooguru said...

Ohh Camden is going to love those 'hand me downs'! Maybe he and Aric can spray paint them camo when he is ready to ride. And by the way the boy is not even watching the rode, honestly who is teaching him how to drive?