Monday, June 15, 2009

Things worth blogging about...

Earlier this week my friend Randi, who is an amazing photographer, called me and asked if she could do a photo shoot with Camden so she could try out some new equipment. I, of course, was thrilled and I rushed to her house with Camo. Well he decided to freak out and cried inconsolably for 10 minutes then he fell asleep. I felt horrible and thought it was a total waste of time until Randi posted three pictures that actually turned out. This is my favorite...


go here to see more of her work...she's got the skillz and equipment that I wished I had.


Eden has had a loose tooth for weeks. If I had a penny for every time she had me wiggle it to see if it would come out, I could pay off Camden's adoption! She woke up last Sunday morning just positive it was ready to come out, she said..."I think it's going to be another bloody Sunday..." because it was a Sunday when I pulled her last tooth out.


Well that darn thing wouldn't come out. By this Sunday it was seriously gray because it was barely attached to her gum. Her old primary teacher sat behind us in sacrament meeting and saw how Eden kept wanting me to touch her tooth, so she offered to pull it out for Eden after sacrament meeting. I never thought Eden would let her do it, but I was wrong. We went into the bathroom right before primary and it took all of two seconds and that darn thing was out....thanks Melissa!


Friday I was a hair model at a presentation my hair dresser was speaking at. It was my first time as a hair model and it went pretty well, all I did was sit there and have a bunch of strangers look at me while my stylist talked about my hair issues and face shape. A little awkward but she needed my hair so I was there for her.


Saturday we rocked the garage sale like nobody's business!


We made over four hundred dollars selling the kids clothes that they have grown out of, a bunch of toys (mostly baby dolls and baby doll accessories...I'm still so sad that my girls are out of that stage **sniff, sniff**) and A's discontinued carpet samples. So even though we didn't get to celebrate our anniversary we were able to make enough money to almost cover last months attorney's clearly worth the effort and sacrifice.


Saturday night we were invited to an Asian themed dinner. We were assigned a dessert. Since there are no Asian desserts that sound appealing to me I made this's all frosting, thank you very much.




Oh and I saved the best for last...A and I made a deal right after we were married that we wouldn't get each other gifts for special occasions, instead we would save that money and use it for vacations. Well A never, EVER, remembers the deal. He always surprises me with something and I never get him anything. This year I was actually expecting him to stick to the deal because Camden is our present to each other for the next...oh...ten years!!!! But nope, he was sneaky and cashed in some points from his company's incentive program and got me a new ipod!!!


I was so shocked and so happy! And now my gift to him is my old ipod since he doesn't have one. Too bad he has to share it with the girls so he has lots of Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers and High School Musical to rock out to.


So that about does it for this post. There is so much more to blog but I have to take the next two days to get my house together, it has been neglected for almost two weeks!!!! YIKES! And come Wednesday, summer vacation is on so I will officially have no free time. I am actually excited about it. I am looking forward to having my girls around. Even though they drive me mostly crazy, I realize how fast time is flying by and I want to enjoy them as much as possible. After all, I only have nine more summers with Maya until she goes to college...okay that thought is making me depressed, plus it's twenty two minutes passed my bedtime....I'm out.


Lauren in GA said...

I love the picture of Camden. It is so beautiful. I will be sure to visit the link and look at the others. I love how you called him Camo.

I laughed at the, "bloody Sunday" comment that Eden made!

That is so splendid that your yard sale did so well.

Is that noodles on the cake or frosting to look like noodles?

Congrats on your new i-pod!

My boys are back from visiting Grandparents and I will have no free time, either. I am so excited to have them home, though!

Jean McKendrick said...

Way to go on the garage sale! Money for stuff you are not using anyway is awesome. Have you ever sold on craigslist? I didn't even know about it until I moved here. What was that Asian cake made out of? It looked cool.
I love the picture of you and Camden, your friend does great work.
yeah for your new ipod!!
Clean before the kids get out of school because it's all over then.

the wrath of khandrea said...

so much to say. will try not to hog comment space.

1. love the pics. same gal as jessica used? feeling jealous. makes me want to give up instead of inspires me bc i'm weak-minded like that.

2. sunday, bloody sunday. will be singing it all day. thanks.

3. used to have the same minitable and yellow plastic chairs. feeling nostalgic for my kids' early years. boo hoo hoo.

4. i want to vomit when i look at that cake. wasabi peas on noodles: good. with chocolate frosting underneath? not good. even if it IS all fake.

5. i will help you celebrate your new ipod by sending you mind-blowing cd's from my music library. email me.

i'm better at playlists than i am at photography.

Randi said...

You have another Randi in your life? Crazy... The pictures look great!

Lindsey said...

Super sweet pix of camo. Seriously. Have fun with the kids out of school! Mine have been out two weeks now, and it isn't so bad. Then again, Jaxon has summer school every morning and Wade takes a nap every afternoon. That is nice. Hope to see you when I come out. Are you gonna be around?

mahina said...

yay for the new ipod! i love when husbands are sneaky!!

i love that first picture! he is deliciously yummy!! i hate when babies don't cooperate, but those three pictures sure are precious!!

loose teeth gross me out when they get all dangly like that! thank goodness for great primary teachers!!

that dessert looks yummy and you are so creative!!

and to answer your question, i just got photoshop cs4 and that was one of the first picture that i edited with my new software! i love it and i only know about 20% of what i can do with it! it's amazing, but there is so much to learn!!

nurse graham said...

Beautiful picture of Camden. Babies always look so squishable and loveable when they are sleeping.

Your cake looked great. I wouldn't have the patience to squigle on all of the noodles.

I would have rather watched Eden try and get you to touch her tooth during sacrement meeting then watch the kid in front of me pick his nose and eat it. Ewww.

Hang on to summer because you are right, the time goes way too fast.

rikki said...

Yummy picture of yummy I could dip him in butter and eat 'im! The cake...not so much. I'm sure it was tasty but I'd have a hard time getting past it. Good job though! I could never make anything as creative as that.

just the five of us said...

Camden's pictures are so cute. I guess that always happen's with baby's and pictures:D

How much did the tooth fairy leave Eden? Kid's in my class get $10.00 bucks. That is a rich tooth fairy:D

kthom said...

Deliciously chunky cheeked baby, completely funky and inventive cake, garage sale success, AND and a new IPOD.....things are looking good for you Ms. Jessica!

Jen Murphy said...

Man! You've been seriously busy! Can you please come to Utah and help me decorate and get organized! I love the pics you took of Evelyn's family! You're are way too talented for me to be your friend. I'm the loser who missed the boat on Homemaking!
It's so fun to see your girls getting so big! Can't wait to maybe see you in August if my evil plan workd!

Melissa-Mc said...

What? How in the world did you create such a dessert? I am obsessed with frosting. Give me some chopsticks, and I would have gone to town with it.

Lauren in GA said...

I can't believe that I didn't realize that the noodles are made of wrote that they were and I read the whole post...somehow I just missed it. They look SO REAL. Very creative cake.

Leah and Mike said...

That picture of you and Camden is to die for sweet!! You guys seriously need to be models - so cute!!

Ilene said...

Love that picture of Camden and you. So worth all of the drama.

Good job Aric. Husbands are supposed to break the rules and give their wives gifts. Your gift to him comes later in the evening and doesn't cost a thing...

T said...

glad you dropped by - and I LOVE this post!

I've pulled many a kindergartener/primary kids' tooth over the years - I've even had kids' parents bring them back the next year when I wasn't their teacher anymore because they want me to pull those teeth out :) what can I say? It's a talent (a pathetic one, but hey, bloom where you're planted right?)

and I LOVE love LOVE that cake - awesome idea!