Monday, June 29, 2009


I've decided that if I could have a super power, I would totally pick freezing time. I would be called Freeze Girl, and I would freeze my life right now. I realize how fast time is going by, and I don't like it...not one little bit. I love this season of my life and I love the stages that my kids are in.



I love that she is a deep thinker. When we read scriptures she has lots of questions, and she amazes me by how much she understands.

I love that she is old enough to have some fun, and interesting conversations with.

I love that her favorite shows are So You Think You Can Dance, edited first by me of course, and Wipeout.

I love that she tells me everything...and I mean everything. There are no secrets between us and I hope that never changes.

I love how she loves to take care of Camden. She understands that most of the time, his needs come first, and not only does she accept it, she insists on it.

Best of all, I love that she loves me so much, and that she thinks I am the coolest person on the planet.



I love her spunky personality.

I love the way she thinks. She always has the most interesting things to say...for example, the other day she was at my mom's house talking to me on the phone. She interrupts me and says:

e- "Hey mom, is the house moving?"

me- "What?"

e- "Is the house moving?"

me- "Uh...what do you mean?"

e- "You know, like is it shaking?"

me- "No. Why are you asking?"

e- "Because I am swinging on the swings while I am talking to you."

Last night after scriptures, I was explaining something to Maya when Eden kept interrupting me. I just ignored her so she got upset and then said...

"You know how sometimes you get mad at me because I don't pay attention, well it's because I am thinking about what you are saying and I am seeing pictures in my head and it is very interesting."

Oh and the other day while we were at my sister's house, Eden made this observation...

"It's like Max (my pastey white little nephew) is McCain and Camden is Obama" I know...she is ridiculous! I am not making any of this up!

My poor girl is still a germaphobe and I don't think that will change anytime soon. She gives me a report every Sunday after church about who put what in their mouths and who didn't wash their hands... Even though it can get totally annoying it is endearing and I love her for it.



What is there not to love?....I mean really.

I love his morning squeals that are finally turning into cries.

I love how he is just now realizing that he can make his voice loud.

I love how he smells.

I love how he clings onto me for dear life and eats my shoulder.

Camo loves to be held and it requires great discipline for all of us to let him be...after all, the kid has to learn how to crawl someday. He is such a slimy little guy because he puts everything in his mouth. He especially loves to try and put his whole fist in his mouth. The thing is, the smell of spit grosses me out, but because it's his spit it's okay. I know that all that drooling only means one thing....teeth. I don't want them. I'm not ready to see his gummy little smile turn into a big baby with teeth smile.

Me and Aric

(This picture is lame but I'm too tired to find a different one)


I love that we still like each other. We aren't just stuck with each other...well technically we are, but we actually enjoy it so that makes me happy.

I love that we are young enough to remember how things were when we were dirt poor, and how we were still happy even though we had nothing but hand-me down furniture and a purple van. And yet, we are still old enough to have had some serious life experience. That life experience has given us wisdom and perspective, and made us better partners, parents, and people.

I mostly love that we still have the energy to play whiffle ball in the backyard with our kids. The best part is that our kids think we are amazing ball players because we can hit the ball over the fence.

So just for fun I am going to try and freeze time right now...


IMG_4375 IMG_4377


Okay, so I didn't stop time, but I will always have these moments frozen by technology.

I know that someday, I will look back and remember this time in my life. I don't want to remember the the stress of a crappy economy, the frustration of the adoption, the days that never seem to have enough hours, or the messes that seem to rule my life.

What I do want to remember are the little tiny moments that flutter by, the ones that don't seem like anything special when you are living them. You know, the ones that are impossible to remember because there are so many of them every single day...

...Like the moments when I hear the garage door open...that means Aric is home. That means the reinforcements have come.

...Like the moments when I have to hide Camden's bottle while feeding him his solids or else he will freak out.

...Like the moments when I have to kiss Eden's owies because my kisses make them feel better.

...Like the moments when I have to snuggle Maya in her bed because she had a rough day with a friend.

...Like the moment every night that I tuck my kiddos into bed with a hug and a kiss. Somehow those nights have turned into years, and I can't remember what Maya and Eden looked like sleeping in their cribs. I can barely remember their little voices that always asked for one more hug, or just one more drink. Those moments used to annoy me, but now I miss them.

So since I haven't got any super powers....unless you count juggling a million things at once...I will just have to settle for enjoying every darn moment with my peeps. Even though I won't remember every single moment, I will remember how good it felt to be a mom during those moments. To make sure I make the most of my moments, (can I say moment just one more time...) my blog time will have to take a hit, so I will be slower to read and comment, but I will still be here...oh yes...I will still be here.


Jean McKendrick said...

I love the pictures of them all sleeping, think it's one of my favorites yet.
Time does go fast, too fast some times. I think the important part is you recognize that and are trying to spend all the time you can with them making memories then documenting those memories. You're a good mom Jessica!

Jessica said...

That was so well put!

Eden's quotes were KILLING me.

Becky said...

I like how you think! Just a couple of months ago I took pictures of all my kids sleeping too, just hoping to freeze it and give me something to remember them at those ages by. It reminds me of how they look when I go in and check on them every night before bed.It is hard to remember what the first two were like when they were little, and as Jess grows bigger it is the last time I will have with a child her age ever again. You are a very loving and giving mom. I am sure they have great memories of you they hold dear.

Jen Murphy said...

Dude! You have super powers! It's called SUPERMOM powers...the ability to blog, take care of 3 kids, keep a clean house, and keep everyone fed,entertained,clothed, and happy (most of the time, and look way cute and sassy to boot! You're awesome and I can't wait to see you, too...our babies are going to be crawling all over each other;)

T said...

SO well put! enjoy every moment you can with those angels!!!

Leah said...

This might just be my favorite blog post ever! Thank you for sharing such beautiful wisdom.

My new hero...FREEZE GIRL!

PS I called you a few times tonight and the phone was busy every time! Lindsay is in town and we had a Bachelorette party at my house with Whitney totally last minute. Missed you!

Lauren in GA said...

Jessica that was beautiful. I know what you mean about loving that Maya tells you everything. I love that Evan still does. It makes me so happy.

Uh, he definitely doesn't think that I am the coolest person on the planet, though. Pre-teens make me nervous.

I need to see pictures of the purple van. That is AWESOME!

I love how you said that when you hear the garage door open you know reinforcements have come. I feel the same way when I hear the back door open. You worded it perfectly.

Natalie said...

perfectly put! perfectly.

just the five of us said...

Wouldn't that be great if time froze? There are great things ahead too. First dances, cheerleading, graduation, girls camp, phone calls from boyfriends, slumber parties, shopping with the girls, and sharing their shoes!

Evelynne said...

Well you probably don't want to freeze the few hours at my house yesterday when you bravely took on the project of heping me by sorting through books and papers knowing there was a mouse lurking around! That definitely required some superpower strength. I love you Jess, you are my Super Sis. :)

Lindsey said...

Awww. They are so cute. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time, and sometimes NOT! I am loving Abby's age though. She is finally starting to "get" somethings, and I love it.

♥Shally said...

You really do have a beautiful family!

If you figure out how to get that power- PLEASE let me in on it! I keep saying that my kids are all at such great stages. I want them all to just STAY.

Life really does move too fast.

I have the wrinkles to prove it. :(

Melissa-Mc said...

You are in a wonderful phase of life with lots of blessings! The secret to a happy life is to enjoy every phase that you are currently in.

Ilene said...

It drives me crazy that I can't remember my boys as babies. I try to memorize everything about Laura but I know these memories will go fuzzy as well.

Thank goodness for cameras and blogs for us to record some of these experiences for us to read about later, huh?

Erin said...

Totally made me cry...:) I'll blame that on a long night at work and the soundtrack you're rockin' right now...or on the absolute truth that you speak.

Leah and Mike said...

So, so, so true!! Time totally moves too fast. Thank you for giving me this reminder...a reminder to enjoy every tiny little moment in our lives because it will be gone before we know it. You are awesome, Jesica!!

AMY said...

Okay... sorry I've been in a slump as far as blogging goes. I have like 200 posts to catch up on. Camden's pics are priceless. That's what's so great about photographers. Even if you don't think you got enough cute pictures... then you see how adorable they all are.

And... if you become Miss Freeze, will you make a stop by my kids too. I totally understand how you feel. Even if I don't have an 8 yr old... my kids are growing too fast too. It's both exciting and sad to watch them grow. Now I know why my Mom always wants to go back in time. :)

PS Is Eden brave about losing teeth? Melissa Jensen is quick and ruthless. I watched her trick Katelyn Hansen... Katelyn didn't even know she'd lost a tooth and it was gone.