Monday, July 13, 2009

June Stuff

So was June just a big huge blur for anyone else? Honestly I am so behind on blogging that I decided to do a big ol' June summary.

Here we go!

I think I managed to blog about stuff up until mid June...

So we celebrated our anniversary the weekend after our actual anniversary. One of Aric's clients had given us a gift certificate for Christmas. It was good for a one night stay and dinner at a new hotel downtown. We had a great time. Aric surprised me with this box:


At first I was uncomfortable and nervous. It looks like a jewelry box. I'm not a big jewelry kind of girl and we had agreed, no gifts. He already broke that rule with my new ipod so I was really trying not to be annoyed. I was bracing myself for a fake surprised smile.

But then I opened the box and found this:


I was so relieved and confused. Aric knew about my jewelry thing and thought this was a funny way to present me my gift.

Which was this:


It is a picture from our Hawaii trip we took a couple of years ago. Aric's bubble says, "Happy 10th Anniversary!!! How would you like to go back to Maui with me next April 24th? I'm so cool, it's hard for you to resist..."

Then my bubble says...

()"Yes! I'm so surprised! You're cool and handsome!"

()"No, I'll be too busy washing my hair or something"

()"Maybe. I agree you are cool, but I don't know if I feel comfortable making that kind of commitment."

(please check one)

I of course checked "yes"!

I was completely surprised! He had been working extra hard on some work stuff to qualify for this trip. I know, I know...he's a keeper.

Okay now onto Father's Day.

My mom and Joe came up to stay with the kids while we went out for our anniversary so they were here to celebrate Father's Day with us.


Joe really is an "amazing" Grandpa. The girls love to play tickle monster and wrestle with him. He never gets tired of it. He usually gets roped into making pancakes and going to Dairy Queen every visit...but I really don't think he minds too much. Those are things my mom frowns upon so when he's with the grandkids he gets to live a little more. Joe has only been a part of my life for the past fourteen years, but he has been there for my kids since each of them have been born. He is a great blessing in our lives. We love Papa Joe!


The girls always make cute little cards.


Just so you know, Aric's gift was not a hint. It is what he wanted.


I can't say enough about how great of a father Aric is. My kids are truly blessed to have such a fun, attentive and loving dad. Watching him with our children makes me realize all that I missed out on, which is a bittersweet emotion. I will never experience that kind of father/child relationship. At the same time it heals that void in my heart knowing that my children will have what I always longed for.


In June I also got to see my Karen. A hug from her is like a breath of fresh air.


One of her sons, Andrew, got married and I got to be there.


It was a quick trip but I enjoyed every second of it. I don't have a picture with Gary or the rest of the clan but I love these people!

And here is a picture with a couple other people I love...


Jessica is on my left, we've been friends for what seems like forever, our lives just get more and more intertwined as time goes on and I love it! Andrea is on my right, she is one of my blogger girls. I've been loving her blog for months now and in June I got to meet her in person. She is as fabulous in real life as she is on her blog. She made me some amazing CD's...I am so loving them! And no it isn't Halloween we just look like Halloween threw up on us.

I cannot end June without a nod to the King of Pop. A little cheesy...yes, but this is the Michael Jackson that I remember.


He was a little cuckoo, there is no doubt about that, but his music was a huge part of my childhood and adolescence. I have some great memories singing and dancing to his songs. The Thriller video still freaks me out and every time I hear Billy Jean I sing along. I had no clue what the words meant back when I was a kid and now that I do know how scandalous that song is I still can't help but sing along...every single word and "he-he!"

Okay, so that concludes my June summary. Now I can move on to July and get back on track.


the wrath of khandrea said...

at first i thought aric gave you a tampon, and i was like wow... what a loser.

turns out he's not such a loser after all.

i had that same poster of MJ up on my wall. i loved it.

i took it down yesterday.

Jean McKendrick said...

Yes Jessica I think June is a total blur! I think that's what happens when the kids get out of school. We are on the go constantly. Fun to see a picture of Karen on your blog. I can't believe the little Crowder boys are old enough to get married (that must make me really old). So are you taking a trip to Hawaii again? Maybe I didn't read that close enough.
Glad you had a fun June!

calibosmom said...

Thanks for the update-I was starting to wonder... By the way, Joel McKale was AWESOME!!!! He was so funny-if you get the chance, go and see him. MAUI? Sweet!

Lauren in GA said...

What a great gift!! I love how he presented your trip to you with the picutre. He is a keeper, I agree.

I know what you mean about Aric as a father. I tell Mike how he will never know how truly grateful I am that our kids are so happy to see him when he comes home at night. There are days that I just dreaded my dad getting home.

I love the picture of Aric and your kids on the couch.

♥Shally said...

I also am COMPLETELY behind on my blogging. June was so busy that we are still reeling from it!

Happy anniversary- and yes, you have a keeper! :)

Natalie said...

i've missed you terribly.

Elena said...

Aric let me in on the surprise. You see, he asked if I would clear my calendar for those dates to come and nanny for the girls and Camden. Other than my dear husband, I don't know who would think to schedule that far in advance? xoxo

mahina said...

aric is awesome and a definite keeper! have an awesome time!!