Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthdays and Brothers Part 2

Last year I did my first "Birthdays and Brothers" post. You can click here to read it. I have three brothers, Jason, Eric and Ben. Their birthdays are very close together, so last year I only featured my brother Eric.


This year it is Jason's turn.

jason sr picture

Today, is his 32 birthday. Jason is just younger than me. We are 20 months apart. We couldn't be any more different, but we have always seemed to love each other in spite of those differences.

me and jason

(This picture was taken right before early morning seminary, basically a scripture study class we took at 6:15am every week day morning of our high school lives. I would get ready for school after seminary...which explains my fabulous look.)

Jason has been blessed with great hair and many talents. He is an artist. He is a musician. He plays the bass...self a band. He can sing. He can act...we were actually in a play together in high school. He is smart. His brain skills are ridiculous. We were in the same math class when I was a senior and he was a sophomore...I barely passed that class and he aced it. He is loving and he is kind.


Jason is also a great dad to my niece, Zoe. I'm not sure why after 11 years this still freaks me out. Maybe it's because after all these years, this is how I still see him...

me and jason2

me, jason and ev

Growing up in a dysfunctional family can either tighten a sibling bond or break it. Luckily for us, it bonded us. No matter what life has thrown our way we have always been there for each other.

When we were kids we each took turns running away from home. I remember helping him pack his bag...he was five and I was seven...I was giving him advice on where to go. I thought I would meet up with him later. Thankfully the cops found him before too long. Even back then we were looking out for each other.

Other favorite memories are watching Fragle Rock, Goonies and Police Academy until the tapes wore out. The day he hid my favorite jelly shoes in a giant dirt pile, they were clear, we never found them. The infamous big wheel crash of 1982. The night we snuck out when we were in junior high and spent hours running around town dodging the police. There are many, many more. I'm just so glad that despite the chaos that we were living in, the good memories are the ones that stick out most. I wish we lived closer but I know that miles mean nothing, because we are connected at the heart.

Happy Birthday Jason! Te Amo!


Leah said...

Very sweet. That picture of Evelynn looks just like her girls!!!!

Jean McKendrick said...

Happy Birthday Jason! What a great post. Do you guys all live in the same town?
Jenny told me she bought Fraggle Rock at Sam's club for like $20. I also bought it here at a place called BJ's. My kids don't seem as glued to it as I was "way back when". We didn't have cable, we saw it at my cousin's house. I own Goonies too, saw that one at the theater as a "kid". :)

Jenny Erazo said...

Happy Birthday to Jason! Your post was fun to read. I love the memories you shared. They made me smile. You have a great family Jess!

Elena said...

It's scary the things a mother learns her sneaky children did after they grow up. I agree with Jeeny though. I have great children in spite of the disfunction. Is there no doubt Edie shares 99% of her mother's gene pool? Very nice post & one I'm sure he'll enjoy.

Natalie said...

great post! i love my brother. that bond is stronger than most. As a very interesting side note, i was watching fragle rock christmas when i discovered that i had chicken pox. it was christmas eve.

Lauren in GA said...

What a wonderful tribute to your brother. I love the pictues. You were both adorable children.

I enjoyed reading this so much. It is neat to hear the reasons you are so close. Whoa..a big wheel crash sounds scary. I know he will love this and appreciate all of the things you said...especially that he has great hair ;)