Thursday, July 16, 2009

Celebrating the Fourth

This is just to document our festivities...
First we had the Fourth of July Eve camp out...
The Hansen's joined us this year. Aric and Kyle loved being squished like sardines with the girls.
Then comes the parade...

Here's all the kids from our gang. Noticeably absent were the Romney's and the Sampson's.

The mother's of that gang.

A sampling of the fabulous floats.

Camden's first fourth...doesn't he looked thrilled.
July 09

After the parade the girls headed to the Hansen's for some swimming fun.

Then back to our house for some seriously good food. Aric out did himself on the ribs this year.

Since we live in the land of no real fireworks, we have to make due with lame ol' pop-its.

They are pretty boring so this is how we spice it up...

Maya jumps and throws multiple pop-its in the air.

Aric teaches Eden how to pop the pop-it between her fingers.

And of course she masters it, then does it the rest of the night.

Then we had an impromptu race.

The crowd was going wild...

Last but not least we ended the night watching the fireworks.

Camden loved them. He would make little squealing noises after each "boom".

We had a great fourth. It was jammed packed with good friends and good food. The best part of the whole weekend was on the home from the fireworks show, I explained to the girls what the fireworks represented. Before Eden went to bed that night she asked me to tell her more about it in the morning. At church the next day we sang the Star Spangled Banner and during the song Eden whispered to me, "this song is about what you were teaching us about..."
Yes, the fourth was full of fun but we still took the time to remember what it was all about. I hope your fourth was fabulous.


Leah and Mike said...

What a fun day!! I love the 4th of July - so many fun activities and always good food :) That family picture on the bottom of the post is so dang cute - what a cute family you guys have!

Jean McKendrick said...

Looks like a great day! I love the fourth of July!
Can't believe it has already come and gone this year.

mahina said...

you guys know how to celebrate the fourth even with "lame" fireworks....pop-its are so much fun, though!

Jenny Erazo said...

You guys had a full day of fun! The fourth of July has to be one of my favorites. The sun, the bbq's, the parades...what's not to love!!!

nurse graham said...

I love Camden's smile in the last picture. You guys are such a good looking family.

Lauren in GA said...

You make me laugh, "The crowd was going wild..." as they are talking amongst themselves.

I didn't know you can pop those things between your fingers!!! Where have I been? Love the pictures.

Mrs Ana said...

You need to come hang out with us for some real fireworks fun! This is the land of fireworks!

Randi said...

oh, and the brunts are missing too.