Monday, July 26, 2010

Eden is Seven

Seven is big.


Seven means losing your other front tooth and forgiving the tooth fairy when she doesn't come two nights in a row! Thank goodness your mom knows all the toot fairy rules and can explain why putting a cracker crumb in a box to trick the tooth fairy when you loose yours in a blanket means that she won't come. Good thing you have a seven year old cousin visiting who spots the tooth and you get to try for the tooth fairy another night.


Seven means your old enough to have breakfast in bed because you won't make a mess.


Seven means you can swim without a life jacket and just a noodle (or a grandpa).


Seven means you can read all the cards your cousins and sister made for you.


Seven means you have even more candles to blow out...


...and your very own cake to eat.


Seven means you ask for a skateboard, and only a skateboard for your birthday. This makes your parents crazy because they think a skateboard is completely ridiculous but since that's all you asked for you get it anyway.


(So Edes got her skateboard, a bed lamp and some polly's. I believe in showering my kids with affection instead of gifts, so when they want something as bad as Eden wanted that darn skateboard I had to give in...Honestly all we need is one more thing that can cause bruises and scrapes. She also got some money from her grandparents which brought her way more joy than I ever expected. )

Seven means you plan your own "scooter" themed birthday party.

The Invites


The craft (a license plate)

The Activity

Unfortunately your mom veto's the scooter obstacle course down at the park idea and has you go on a scooter scavenger hunt around the neighborhood instead.


Seven means that you have watched enough Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss to really believe that your mom can make a scooter cake.


Thankfully seven year old eyes think this version is just as cool as Buddy's and Duff's.

The Rest of the Party


Seven means your mom is happy that her little girl is growing up. It also means your mom gets a lump in her throat when she watches you toss the baby dolls aside and chose hip hop over ballet. Seven means second grade. Seven means only one more year until you are eight. Seven means mommy is getting old and time is going by way too fast...


September 2007 006


Happy Birthday to my big seven year old Edee!
May this year be full of fun learning experiences and a LOT less tattling....
(This is Eden's favorite song "And we danced anyway" by Deana Carter)


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Edie! We tried to call to sing to you but the machine didn't pick up... probably a sing that our recorded birthday greetings should not be documented :) Know that we were thinking about you and that we hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...


Jean McKendrick said...

What a cute birthday party! Happy Birthday Eden! I am praying that 8 comes with a lot less tattling, you'll have to let me know if it's accomplished at your household at age 7.
The baby picture was fun to see, they do grow up way too fast.

Lauren in GA said...

Awwwwwww, Happy, Happy Birthday to your beautiful Eden!! That baby picture of her is so, so darling. I love baby pictures!

Your back deck looks GREAT. I know that is off the subject, though.

They all look so cute headed down the street on their scooters.

Natalie said...

happy birthday sweet girl. sorry to hear the tattling is still in force;). The pics at the end made me almost cry. it goes TOO fast and i wish it would just slow down a little bit. time is precious. the party looked fantastic and i might steal all of the ideas for lennon's party, except the cake. Unless costco does scooter cakes, we will have a lame home made chocolate cake with pastel sprinkles. i'm SO good at those.

Jessica said...

I don't think I'll be showing Jane what she missed out on. Happy birthday Eden!

rikki said...

Looks like such a fun party! I make my kids plan their own. After years of planning then having it all go out the window when the actual party happened I handed it over to them...they love it!
Soooo...I'm still cracking up because in your first paragraph you said "toot" fairy. :)

Jenny Erazo said...

Happy birthday Eden!!! What a fun birthday party. My Andrea celebrated her 8th birthday on the 24th! They do grow up way to fast!

mahina said...

i love this post! she is such a cute girl! and i love the holes in her smile! kale'a has only lost 1 tooth and it is a sore subject b/c her older sister had lost about 6 by her age! we will be celebrating her 7th in october! i don't know if i'm as cool a mom as you are, as far as birthdays go, but you sure do inspire me to be better!!

♥Shally said...

You throw the best parties!

Please move to my neighborhood...

Lindsey said...

Girl, reading that post made me SOOOOO Glad I am not doing a Birthday party for Abby this week. I just can't handle it. We do them every OTHER year. You do such a super amazing job with them!

doodooguru said...

happy birthday eden. Karsten would be so happy if he lost a tooth. I have to wiggle one of his front teeth at least 3 times a day because I made the mistake of commenting that one of them felt loose. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb Mom.

I was excited for the skateboard, until I noticed that it was Barbie. Seriously, Barbie is into everything.

Anonymous said...