Friday, July 30, 2010

Livin' on the Edge


Our summer has been full of some fun stuff. (Except when C decided to walk into the pool yesterday...not fun) The long summer days and nights have been quite full. Here is a sampling of our summer fun.
swimming. Swimming. SWIMMING! 
The girl's can't go enough! Thankfully we have generous friends who don't mind us pool crashing.


Camden mostly likes snacking while everyone else swims...


...but he does enjoy the water as long as he is attached to me.


Or being thrown in the air.


The girls love swimming with Papa Joe because he turns into the tickle monster.



hOme ImProVinG


The kitchen is so close to being close. I just need two days kid free, but that will never happen so the white paint sitting in my garage for my cabinets will continue to gather dust.

DoOrbeLL DiTChinG


We started a tradition many years ago of doorbell ditching. Sometimes we leave treats, sometimes we leave gnomes, sometimes we leave giant paintings of mountain lions.

FriENd CeleBraTing
YAY! Jessica R was born!

FrieNd & fAmiLy HosTinG
My dearest old school friend, Jen, came for a very quick visit.

This is how we have multiplied and replenished the earth.


It's awesome that our kids are the same age and gender. We couldn't have planned it any more perfect!


GraNdmA VisItinG
GK came for a chemo visit.  We are sad that she has to come all this way for chemo but we are so glad that we get to spend some time with her when she comes. This time we got a whole week with GK. I hope our crazy life served more as a distraction than more drama. We love her and she is one tough grandma!


EcliPse WatChinG
Can you believe it took me almost a month to see it!? It was much better than the previous ones.


CouSiN PlaYinG
Having built in playmates is pretty cool. (I love that they all have the same summer haircut.) Yay for sleepovers and the playdates that last all day long.


There are never enough hours in the day. With all of our summer fun I still have to tutor, run and work on my book, which makes for very little of this...


...napping only happens when I stop moving enough to realize how tired I am. This day Eden was having a melt down and needed to take a rest. She wanted me to snuggle her...well how could I resist! Clearly I needed a Sunday nap...too bad Sunday can't be everyday. Now I'm off to feed my children and attempt to clean the bathrooms...I get easily distracted on bathroom cleaning days, so not a summer fun activity.


nurse graham said...

With all that going on for summer, I would need a nap too!

Maybe once the girls get back in school, the cabinets will get painted. That is if C still takes a nap and you don't crash with him. :)

Jean McKendrick said...

I hear ya on the "distracted from the bathroom cleaning days". I just had to catch up on my 2 today. It seems we run and play and try and keep the kids entertained ALL summer long, leaves time for little else.
Can't wait to see the kitchen remodel.
How fun Jen came to visit!

Lauren in GA said...

I am laughing so hard about the mountain lion doorbell ditch. That is a scream.

I am glad you are having a great summer!

I love the color of your kitchen!! Are you painting the cabinets white? You mentioned white paint.

Lindsey said...

It looks like you guys are having a blast! I hope you are still liking your pampered chef stuff! Thanks again for doing that! I LOVED seeing you (and getting you some free stuff)

calibosmom said...

I am in the same summer boat. Busy busy and feeling too overwhelmed to even blog. By the way, my kitchen is that same green. I like the idea of painting my cabinets white too-Hmmm...but for now I have two bathrooms and two bedrooms to paint first-OH, the project's we rope ourselves into. Glad your summer is going well and you get the occasional nap!

文王廷 said...

Learning makes life sweet.

Rochelleht said...

Just looks like oh so much fun! I am loving summer. Can't believe how fast it all flies by. You guys are just too darling.

AMY said...

I've decided that summer should and IS worth all that crazy running around. The school year starts all too soon enough.

Happy Birthday, EDEN! Enjoy your sandals!

家唐銘 said...

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