Thursday, August 5, 2010


While we were in Oregon over the Fourth of July we went to a Pow-Wow. I love learning about other cultures and I love to see how the traditions get handed down from generation to generation.
This was my favorite dancer...
July 2010 054
July 2010 052

This was Maya and Eden's favorite dancer. They called her the "rainbow girl".
July 2010 046

They also loved this girl and they wanted me to take pictures to show Grandma K because they know how much she loves butterflies.

July 2010 049
July 2010 051

These little sweeties stole the show. They were so precious trying to keep up with the big girls.
July 2010 045
July 2010 060  
July 2010 059
What always amazes me is the detail in all of the costumes. These moccasins were hand beaded...can you even imagine how long it took to make them?!  You just know some grandma spent endless hours to make them for their little grandbaby.
Here is another beautiful pair.
 July 2010 061

My mom and my Tio Marco took the kids out to participate in the community dance.
July 2010 066

The girls spent FOREVER looking at booths trying to find just the right souvenir. They were spending their hard earned money so they were very careful in making their choices. Eden chose a pink beaded box for her shark teeth, and Maya chose a green flute. 
July 2010 068

This was my souvenir...I had been looking for a yellow bracelet and this one was screaming my name! Too bad Camden thinks it's candy and licks it whenever I wear it.

Papa Joe was on Camden duty. C thought the bins of merchandise were for him to empty on to the ground. He needed a special escort and Papa Joe got the honors...
July 2010 069 
It was a hot day but worth the effort to create such a fun memory. The only bad moment was when I kind of got into it with some mean Native American ladies who didn't like where we were sitting but nothing too serious. The best part of the day was getting a free GIANT snow cone that the whole family got to enjoy because a vendor thought it we were such a nice family....Thank you Mr. Vendor Man for thinking I was a big sister instead of the mom and for saving me five bucks. I really wanted a snow cone I just didn't want to pay for one.


Natalie said...

Do you know how good a giant snow cone sounds right now? I just got home from picking kids up from school and my car said it was 121 degrees outside. Did i mention that the humidity is ridiculous?!

what a fun memory for your family. That beading is gorgeous! And i LOVE your bracelet. Last year i was craving a turquoise necklace. funny how a color can satisfy, isn't it?

Lauren in GA said...

I agree. The details in all of those costumes is just amazing. I think you are right...a grandma must have poured her heart into making those.

You do look like the big sister...not the mom!!

I like your yellow candy ;) bracelet.