Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fourth of July...yes I realize this is late.

We went to Oregon for the fourth, it was good times...GOOD times!
Here is the recap.
"Fire"works...Real fireworks.
There's nothing like real fireworks on the fourth. We have been deprived of our sparklers for 10 years now because of our lame fireworks laws. So if we want to live it up we have to go to Oregon.
July 2010 110
July 2010 096
July 2010 101
C enjoyed watching them from a distance while Aric gave us some great commentary...
July 2010 104 
July 2010 105

The photo op that wasn't.
I tried so hard to get a good fourth of July picture and this was the best shot I could get...
July 2010 089
Here are a few of the out takes...
July 2010 086
July 2010 088
July 2010 091
Abuelita "Nandez"
Since my mom's house is not big enough to house all the peeps Aric, C and I decided to crash at my Abuelita's house. She ate Camden right up and he loved every second of the attention.
July 2010 035

She would take him out for long walks, she would let him fall asleep in her bed while they watched Telemundo together, and she would cook him up whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it. It brought back some great memories...except there wasn't Telemundo back then so we would fall asleep watching Dallas or Solid Gold.

She spoiled Aric and I too, she made us amazing meals in fact she refused to be out done by Mazatlan...they are a local Mexican restaurant who make the best fajitas, I have to get me some every time I go back home...SOOOO YUMMY!

July 2010 013July 2010 010

So she made a special batch of fajitas just to show me that she was still number one...there are no pictures of those babies because I was to busy INHALING them!
Love these people too!
Besides the fajitas....I love going home because that means I usually get to see some of my relations that I don't get to see often. Like my brother Eric (AKA Rico), this guys is so awesome, I still can't believe my little brother grew up to be such a great man.

July 2010 118July 2010 114

This is my niece Zoe. We rarely get to see her because she lives so far away. She is growing like a weed and now her feet are a full size bigger than mine...

July 2010 120

Pochito, yes that is his name...sorta...that's another story for another day. He is my little cousin. He is so crazy and he lights up a room and fills it with loudness.

July 2010 009

He loves Camo, he seriously could not be more than a few inches away from him at all times. It was hilarious!

July 2010 008

It is always a treat when my Tia Ines shows up. Everybody needs a Tia Ines in their life! Camden can't get enough of the Tia love!

July 2010 076 July 2010 073  

Here she is instigating the group "hill rolling". Evelynne and I had been telling the girls all day to stop rolling down the hill but Tia Ines decided that we were being too fussy so she showed us!(notice she is the only adult doing the hill roll)

  July 2010 082

Nothing screams the Fourth of July like a pull up contest!
    Here are me and Aric showing off our stuff...I was only able to do one because I had a dress on.

July 2010

Andy and Evelynne...Ev and I tied.

July 20101 
Here's Joe and my mom. Joe rocked it for an old man, and my mom well...let's just say she hung on real strong.

July 20102

Even Camden got in on the contest!

July 2010 121

Here's the whole crew that participated...I smell a new tradition.

July 2010 137

RoaD TrIP...3+ hours UGHHH!
Can I just tell you that this is the best sight EVER! After three hours of a crabby, high pitched squealing baby, we were done with this road trip. The last 20 minutes we had to sing "Give Said the Little Stream" (lovely Mormon classic) It's the only song that kept him from screaming so we all took turns singing it. It was lovely.

July 2010 145

We knew we were in the Inland NW when this truck drove by. The sticker says "Control Your Children NOT MY GUNS".  The guy saw me make gun signs with my hands and Aric thought he was going to run us off the road.

July 2010 146

So there you have it. Our fun fourth of  July. Now I can go to sleep without this post looming over me. It is done.


calibosmom said...

Not sure what's up with the comments above-maybe you're getting the gun sign or the bird or something. What a fun fun forth! Cam is a hoot and you have an awesome family. Nothing is better than a good, fun family get together. I respond to bumper stickers too-how can you not, its just too tempting. I love the license plate too-SNOHO.

the wrath of khandrea said...

hmmm... marilyn mccoo or telemundo... hard to decide where i want my memory bank filled.

good stuff. glad your 4th was so fun!

mahina said...

i love the photo-op that wasn't! it is so hard to get a good photo when more than two kids are involved, especially when one of them is under two! they are great for a good laugh! we had a very lame fourth b/c we were so exhausted from our trip to cali and sleep deprivation so our kids were in bed before the fireworks even started! lame, i know! there's always next year! i can always count on you to do all the fun stuff with your kids!

Rochelleht said...

Ha ha! Love the bumper sticker. I've taken a few pictures of sticker this summer, too.

Looks like so much fun. I LOVE family in summer.

And three hours is considered a road trip!? Wusey. ;-)

Lindsey said...

I am so glad I got to spend sometime with you! Your family is so cute, and so is that DRESS! Where did you get it! SO CUTE!

Elena said...

Great pictures. I was so glad we could get together. It was fun. In my defense, I thought I did one? Oh well if nothing else I think Andy and i bounded ; )I will be working on my arm strengthening exercises. Looking forward to more fun this weekend and next month. Abuelita really looks forward to having you over and the 1 on 1 time with Camo.

Stephanie said...

you need to send me your email address so i can add you! (I love the song on your blog right now) :)

Jean McKendrick said...

What a wonderful fourth of July to be able to spend it with your family! Great memories for you and the kids. As for Mazatlan, YUM, I go there every time I get home. C is getting so big!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Seeing is believing.百聞不如一見............................................................

T said...

I want to borrow your abuelita - yummers - I miss the good food my abuelita used to make when she was around!!!

(see, I remember to come by once in awhile... bad, bad friend...)

Lauren in GA said...

I am laughing so hard about the SOLID GOLD. You brought back some memories with that one. Then I read Andrea's comment and laughed at her bringing up Marilyn McCoo. I wonder where Marilyn is these days.

I loved this post! I have been out of town so sorry I am so late to read and comment. That picture of Camden with your little cousin Ponchito looking out the window is so darling. I love how Ponchito has his hand on Camden's head.

Tina Ines is AWESOME!!! I love how you can see how much she loves Cam in that picture.