Sunday, October 3, 2010


So on Thursday I was snuggling with C after his nap and had a moment. You know, the kind of moment that you want to freeze forever. My arms wrapped around his sweet little body. He was so perfectly placed on my chest. His heart right on top of mine. Our heartbeats in perfect sync. His head on my shoulder right next to my cheek. I couldn’t get enough of the smell of his nappy little head. (We have to put this oil on his head twice a day. It’s called Africa’s Best so that’s what he always smells like.) I just laid there with him soaking it all in.
I remembered the days when my heart ached for him, my arms ached for him. I remember smelling other people’s babies wondering when I would get to sniff my own. And now almost two years have passed…how did that happen!!!!?
Then the very next morning I had to go to Fred Meyer…and I mean HAD. My list was a mile long, my coupons all in order and ready to go. So I loaded up my sweet little boy and off we went. Once we got to the store my sweet little boy was replaced by a crazy little monster. He has NEVER thrown a fit at a store before. He has always gotten into the cart with no problem. Well apparently those terrible two’s are officially here.
So I found some emergency smarties in my purse but they only lasted for like two minutes. So he screamed for the next 45 minutes, and I mean SCREAMED. At my whits end I let him out of the cart hoping that that would make him calm down….um nope. So snot faced screaming boy started throwing merchandise and running away from me. I had tried EVERYTHING! You know, I opened up a bag of chips I hadn’t purchased yet. I gave him a ball to play with. I use my firm but loving voice. I gave him my phone. I tried singing. I calmly stroked his back.
Finally I scooped my ginormous one, almost two year old into one of my arms. I had a good hold of his hands so he could swing at me. Then with my other arm I pushed my cart full of stuff to the nearest check out. All along the way I got some “looks” and even a rude comment. There was one nice lady who said, “Oh I had four crazy boys”. Thank you nice lady for making me feel like I wasn’t the only mom on the planet who has ever had to carry her possessed child through a supermarket.

Putting him into the car was enough to make people think that a murder was happening in the parking lot. But the whole time I was as cool as a cucumber, not really, I was sweating up a storm but I never let my voice change. He was still screaming when I got home. I caught some video, just in case you haven’t witnessed a tantrum lately…15 seconds of awesome.

So there you go…one moment bliss, the next moment insanity.  Every moment with him is a gift so I will take the good and the bad. Oh and the next time you see a mom having “a moment” with her child in public, give her a look or comment of support. You never know when it will be your turn to have a moment with your child in public.


nurse graham said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry that happened. But at least you had the cuddle. Terrible two's (and three's) happen in the blink of eye. And then your baby is celebrating their 17th birthday and you wonder where in the world all that time went. And you might even secretly wish they were 2 just for a moment--even if that moment is a temper tantrum. (My Katelyn is 17 today).

Natalie said...

and that about sums up motherhood:). the good, the bad and the ugly. He's still cute with a snotty little face though.

On to more important matters...HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR CAR SO CLEAN? I mean, you didn't even know she would be on camera. My van looks like a crime scene half of the time. Kudos to you.

Lauren in GA said...

I have had a lot of times like that in, so fun. It has done wonders for my upper body strength, I must say ;)

You are very admirable. I start yelling my head off once we are in the safety of the car. Well done, you.

calibosmom said...

Oh man, I don't miss those but now I've moved on to kids telling me how mean I am and slamming doors. SWEET! It's a good thing our kids are so dang cute and we work so hard to raise them or we might just leave them in the cart. Thanks for the tantrum reminder-he's still so adorable!

Lindsey said...

Courageous parenthood girl. Serious. Awesome. :) I love the video of the tantrum. Something I totally would have done. You are an awesome mom, and you know it! LOVE YOU!

PS- I think it might be the Farve shirt though. UGH!

the wrath of khandrea said...

i can't believe how big he looks! you handled this like a pro. congrats.
i used to be the mom giving the looks, back when i had one perfect child who was clearly a result of my perfect parenting.
then i had my 2nd child, and i was the one getting all the nasty looks. totally changed my judgmental ways. and wore me out.

Dave and Ash said...

I'm seriously impressed. I pretty much fall apart right along with Miles.

So, does Camden dig you in nursery? Or did you put yourself with the older kids? We switched spots. I'm in Young Womens-- not a counselor, not the secretary, and not an advisor. You do the math. And then we can all pray.

mahina said...

wow! isn't it amazing how much you can love them, but then wish you could just stick them in a room all by themselves to get a break from it all!

the tantrums are frustrating, but funny at the same time! it always makes me giggle inside to think what is going thru their little brains while they are having those moments that they just don't know how to handle b/c they just haven't figured it out yet!

i've always thought that their spirits are just so big and crammed inside of their little bodies that they are just frustrated with what they have to work with. they are just letting out their frustrations on not having enough room to house their big spirits!

you are brave to still go through with the shopping trip. i probably would have gone home and tried again once mitch got home so i could do it with me, myself, and i... in peace! that is why you are a super woman!

Lauren in GA said...

...also, I wanted to point out that your van is very clean. I noticed that during the video. Great job on that, too! My van is a disaster area.

Rochelleht said...

Oh, people who make rude comments just STEAM me. I had a really bad encounter once with a lady who basically accused me of child abuse because Grace was crying it out in the stroller. It reminds me of Pres. Monson's RS talk. Don't JUDGE!

I have SOOOO been there. It's even worse when you can't pick the kid up because he weighs more than you. Yep, good times. That's why I hardly EVER take my kids to the store.

Bless your heart!!!

Jean McKendrick said...

I have so been there Jessica! Oh my gosh. That's kinda why I am so thankful they both go to school at least long enough for me to go to the grocery store alone. :) It does get better, they grow out of the tantrums. He's almost as big as you! He has grown so much!!!