Thursday, October 7, 2010

My House…A Vacation Destination…Who Knew?!

Yup, you read that right. We are the number one vacation spot for single girls in their early 20’s. Forget Cali, Hawaii, Mexico or New York! Oh you don’t believe me? Well check this out…
Meet my cousin Monica.
AKA, Mo, Monz, Moni and Mahkima.
(She is single, she is smart, she is single, she is beautiful, she is funny, oh and did I mention she is single? So if you know of any smart, kind, educated, good looking, funny, and pretty much awesome guys let me know so I can do some match making…)
A couple of months ago she called me to see if we were available to host her for a week long vacation in September. I was thrilled and quite flattered that she would chose our lovely location for her seven days of paid vacay. Little did she know what she was getting into…
I think the biggest attraction we had was Camden. Monica hadn’t even met Camden yet. He warmed up to her immediately. He showered her with lots of love and affection.

He entertained her with his singing, dancing and overall sillyness.
He was obsessed with her chocolate lip gloss. He walked around sniffing it and saying “mmm…choclate…mmm gooood” In fact here is a video of him saying it.

We offered a soccer game excursion and a photo op with one of the MVP’s of  game. GO HORNETS!

We also offered free shuttle to and from church, Walmart, the mall and Target.

Another amenity was the free continental breakfast, lunch and dinner! Oh and we provide some awesome TV watching and Web surfing. We exposed Mo to some pretty crazy mind altering stuff like Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello” video. If you haven’t seen it in the last decade you must take another peek at that little gem.

I think the number one attraction had to be the many opportunities Monica had to work on her “mothering skills”. We gave her hands on experience…she got to experience making dinner for ten people (she cooked for me and Ev’s family one night), she got to discipline an almost two year old, she got to help out with 2nd and 4th grade homework, she got to ride shot gun for dance, school, and soccer carpool, she even got to help me out with my new calling…nursery leader to 35 18 month-3 yr olds!!!!! Where else could she gain such amazing experience!

So now you know about our secret vacation hideaway for single 20 somethings. You too can turn your household into a once in a lifetime opportunity, just do nothing except your everyday responsibilities. You will be giving an awesome young lady like Monica the vacation of a lifetime!


*The funniest thing was the night before Monica left I apologized for giving her such a lame vacation and this is what she said in all seriousness… “Oh no worries. If I wanted a FUN vacation I wouldn’t have come here.” As soon as it came out of her mouth we started laughing and then she kept apologizing…" That’s not what I meant!”

It’s okay Monz, I know what you meant. Going to Provo, Utah when I was 11 to watch you be born really wasn’t the vacation I had envisioned either, but I am so glad I was there and wouldn’t have traded that vacation for any other exotic destination in the world.

Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. Though there was not one exciting moment in the entire seven days you were here, the time you spent with C, the girlies, Aric and I, truly are priceless to us.
We Yub You Mahkima!!!!
(That would be in Camo talk)


Lindsey said...

I LOVE house guests! I wish I had more! I have never had anyone but my sister and my in-laws. . . Eventhough I have beautiful weather!!!

the wrath of khandrea said...

cam is too much with the smooches and the lip gloss. i could eat him up.

Natalie said...

How welcome would 30 something guests be? I love kisses and will bring chocolate flavored lip gloss for the whole gang. target is my favorite and if i could just wear a hoodie or sweatshirt during the day, my vacation would be complete. let me know...:)

i can't get the video of camo to load. grrrr...

Christie said...

You have 35 in nursery? YIKES. I hope you change into sweat pants after sacrament meeting. Girlfriend, you are going home with boogers on your dress otherwise.

Monica Kay said...

Hahahahahahaha!!!! I still feel bad!! But I LOVED staying with you guys and playin with the kiddos. LOVE YOU!

Lauren in GA said...

I loved how you wrote about this trip. You offer many great amenities at your primo vacation destination.

I love the video of him sniffing the lip gloss and saying how, "gooood" it smelled.

I had to laugh at her comment. Even though that isn't at all what she meant it was a cute mistake.

doodooguru said...

Ummm. what kind of hostess are you anyway? No home improvement projects for her to work on. No painting, no tiling, no woodworking, no staining. You really missed out on some free labor lady.

Young energetic 'kids' really are the best guests!