Friday, November 12, 2010

Catching Up...Halloween

The past three weeks have been busy so be prepared for some frequent posting...


(This a picture of Eden with her "bat cave")

Sunday being the Sabbath and all...we decided that we would make the most out of the holiday by partying on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


My stepdad was in town so he spent an evening with us carving pumpkins.

Papa Joe brought a funny costume for C which was clearly a little small for him.


We went to my sister's ward party...

Camden would only eat if he was fed like a baby bird. Tia Evelynne to the rescue...I am so over this kids eating issues. That is a whole other post...


 Friday we partied hard at the school.

I always help out with the parties so I always dress up. I am usually the only parent that does, thank heavens Cami and I have kids in the same class so I didn't look so ridiculous dressed up by myself!

Maya's class had "a minute to win it" theme.

I made these ridiculously, time intensive mummies. They were all gone in like 30 seconds.

Eden and Macy... a couple of darling princesses.

Eden is posing weird in this picture to show off her tattoos.


We had a lot of friends who also wanted to trick or treat on Saturday night instead of Sunday so we were still able to give Camden his first trick or treating experience...

We hit the streets with our good friends the Nebs.

Are these not the cutest trick or treaters you ever saw?

So that was our Halloween. We had great weather and the best part was that my kids actually made four dollars because they turned in more than half their loot to the local dentist's office and got paid for turning it in! Yes, I live in the best place ever!



Jean McKendrick said...

I love Halloween! Your kids look cute, as always. I am sad, they don't really do Halloween parties here in school! They didn't let Kai's class do anything. Kaden's got a fall festival. I would totally dress up, way to go Jessica!

mahina said...

love all the pictures of your cute kids! as always, you guys sure know how to have fun!!

hey, my dad put windows for the mac on my computer for the sole purpose of windows live writer! you don't have to be w/o it!!!!

mahina said...
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Rochelleht said...

You look great! I totally didn't dress up this year. Boring. But there was no event, so I just went with classic black and orange. :-)

Lindsey said...

Welcome back! Cute kiddos. VERY VERY CUTE. We had to force feed Jaxon every night for at least 4 years, so, buckle down. Good news is, he eats on his own now, YAY! But we have to set a timer, or he would be there for hours. Love you much! And glad you are back to posting!

Lauren in GA said...

Jessica R. is going to be thrilled that you got a picture of Faith in her "Mee-Nee" Mouse costume!

You are awesome, Jessica. You look great in your costume. It is so great that you dress up every year. I am so glad you had a go-go dancer to keep you company this year!

Your kids look great. That little Camden Pirate is cracking me up. So is the baby bird picture...I realize that I am not supposed to laugh at that, though.

The pumpkins turned out perfectly! I am totally impressed with Maya's spider. That was very labor intensive.

Camo's pumpkin is darling...did you carve that?

Mrs Ana said...

All the girls(I didn't see Olivia)look smashing as always! Oh my gosh Camden is adorable!