Sunday, February 24, 2013

Halloween 2012

This is how you do Halloween on a budget...

You volunteer to help decorate for your church Halloween party. While you are there you mention to a friend who likes to party that you don't have costumes for yourself or your husband. He mentions all the costumes he has and you take up his offer to borrow his Sherlock Holmes costume for your husband.

Then you go in your closet and find what you have that would work as "Holmes". You find this awesome coat you just bought at a 2nd hand store and realize that a hat you just found will work perfectly.

Then you wear your costumes proudly and embarrass your kids by making them take pictures of you posing outside of the church.

The girls costumes cost me a package of white duct tape. I drew bones and cut them out. I'm not gonna lie, that got a little obnoxious because it made my scissors all sticky but it was still totally worth it.

And Camden's costume was a hand me down/gift from cousin Sam and Uncle Tia.

I was pretty excited how we managed to pull off the cheapest Halloween ever!

We had such a fun night hanging out with our fun friends...

Me and Cherise

Rich and Spidey C

Me and Kristen

Eden and Erin playing my favorite game

I was in charge of this game and I was so happy that there were lots of good sports

Trunk or Treat did not disappoint...

Me and Jerrica

Here is C with Mary one of his Sunbeam teachers

I was so impressed with this costume! So cute and creative...

Camden and Vaughan...Vaughan was our costume supplier, he is so awesome!

Jerrica and Julian

Maya and her friend Faith


My Goulish Girlies

I love my Halloween kiddos!

About a week before Halloween I was out trying to find a new running route and ended up finding a great neighborhood near our house to go trick or treating.

We were only out for about 45 minutes and the kids got LOADED! The neighborhood is kind of tucked away and there is only one way into it and out of it. There were a lot of kids in the neighborhood but more older couples so they were happy to dump a ton of candy into the kids buckets.
The girls got lots of compliments on their costumes and that made me happy :)

The costumes were cheap. The weather was awesome. We were out for less than an hour. And the kids got their buckets full. It was hands down the best Halloween ever!


Rachel said...

Hey I think our halloween last year with dinner in a pumpkin was pretty awesome too! J/K. This looks like it was an awesome one. I love the girl's costumes. I am definitely going to steal this idea!

Lauren in GA said...

So, so, AWESOME!

I read this a long time ago but I didn't get a chance to comment. Sorry my comment is so LATE!

You did an amazing job with the duct tape skeleton bones!

You and Aric look FANTASTIC. I love that you had the kids take pictures while you posed.

I like Vaughan's costume, too. Party on! Excellent!