Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tommy's Birthday

To celebrate my cousin Tommy's birthday we all went bowling. It was such a fun way to spend the afternoon together.

There were some serious bowling skills being executed...


Camden...with a little help from Aric


Aunt Carolyn 

Aric, of course, had to show off his signature "between the legs and backwards" trick...

Aunt Carolyn was on a roll there for awhile, this was after one of her strikes or spares

Too bad that there are not points for grace in bowling...I'm pretty sure even Camden beat me.

I absolutely LOVE these guys. I know I just did a post about how great it was to be able to live so close to family but I honestly can't express how grateful I am that we were able to reconnect. 

I am so happy that my kids got to spend time with my cousins and make such fun memories of their own to cherish.

We were able to have some yummy cake afterwards...


1 comment:

Lauren in GA said...

Everyone in your family is incredibly good looking (all of the pictures I've seen over the years I've always thought that. You have great genes!

C' look totally graceful in that bowling pic!

Aunt Carolyn is so cute :)