Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring...

This is what was happening when I went to bed last night.

Before Maya and Eden went to bed we had this conversation:

Maya "I'm so excited that tomorrow is the first day of spring!"

Eden "What does that mean?

Me "It means that winter is finally over. And the weather will start getting nicer everyday until it's warm and sunny." under my breath "I hope"

Eden "Oh I'm so excited!"

Then this morning they wake up to the white covered ground.

Maya "This is the worst day ever!"

Me "Why?"

Maya "Because it snowed and I have to wear my snow boats to school or else my feet will get all wet." Then she goes over to the door opens it yells/sings:

"SNOW SNOW GO AWAY DON'T COME BACK ANOTHER DAY!" she shuts the door and continues to unload the dishwasher.

Eden has to put in her two cents and runs over to the door opens it and yells:
She totally gets distracted and runs into the counter, hurting herself, leaving poor Maya solo to finish unloading the dishwasher.

Maya says "Now I have to unload the dishwasher all by myself, I told you this was the worst day ever."

This is a picture of Eden trying to catch a snowflake...Doesn't seem like spring to me!

Auntie Jo, quit sending the snow! (Aric's aunt lives in Debuque,Iowa and endures horid midwest winters that never, ever end...)


Elizabeth Caldwell said...

So cute! I must admit I felt like yelling at mother nature myself this morning... but being an adult I was required to restrain myself.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a bit sunnier and brighter

Ilene said...

Dan was completely surprised at the snow too. I wasn't. I know about these March snows. Each year at BYU it would be beautiful weather for a week or so in March and then- bam! it would snow. I learned to live with disappointment then.

It better be nice for the Easter egg hunts this weekend, that's all I gotta say.

Lindsay said...

I felt the same way! We had snow, hail AND rain on the first day of spring...something's not right! And what were you thinking leaving me hanging with your comment on my blog...I didn't find it until it was too late to call (after LOST you know). I am tracking you down!

day in the life of a prince said...

I feel the same as your girls! Please let spring come for real!!

AMY said...

I thought it was the worst day ever too. Mike wouldn't event get me my slippers :)

Meghann said...

How hilarious- I loved Maya and Eden's conversation. Poor Jack, I've been making him wear his coat the last few days because . . . okay, do I really need to explain why?
Anyway, he is soooo confused, the poor child. He keeps saying, "But it's spring!?!" So then I try to expain that it's EARLY spring, but I think that just goes over the top of his head.
I really feel though, that I made peace with Spokane winters this year. I've pretty much surrendered to whatever falls out of the sky. That's really all we can do right? All my bickering and complaining isn't going to make the sun shine.
I obviously have strong feelings about the weather.