Monday, March 10, 2008

What A Week!

It started with me being sick...but I already blogged about that. By Tuesday I was feeling like I needed to get out of the house so I went to my pilates class, I took it easy and modified almost all the moves while I talked to Jessica and Kerry. That night Aric and I had Youth Night with the kids at church. The Young Women had New Beginnings (a yummy dinner, and a skit were involved. If the girls hadn't been working on it for months, I would have skipped it) and the Young Men had pizza and played games...that's what they pretty much do every week right?...

On Wednesday I willed myself well enough to go to my salsa class...again I modified and slowed it down. That afternoon we went to the mall so Eden could get her much anticipated first Build a Bear.(I'll be posting that little adventure later)

By evening I was ready for a relaxing girly movie with some friends. We watched "Becoming Jane". It was so nice to watch it in the company of persons who would actually enjoy it and not ruin it for me by adding unnecessary commentary like...hmm....I don't know...MY HUSBAND!
He just can't help himself. The 18th century English accents, would stir up some comment like "What are they saying? Is that really English?" "Who really talks like that" The period clothes worn by the actors, men in particular would probably get a comment like "Do you really think that women found the men's fashion that attractive?" "Why did men dress so femine anyway...tights, ruffles, capri's, and what's up with the lady hair on all the men?" I'm sure there would have been a "Hubba, bubba" here and a "What the?" there. So needless to say, I love watching girly movies with my girly friends.

Thursday I was definitely on the mend. I got Eden registered for Kindergarten. For those of you who don't live around here, this is a BIG deal. You'd think I was registering her at a private school where celebrities send their kids. I'm not kidding you it's crazy. The year I registered Maya for Kindergarten I got to the school about 45 minutes before the office even opened and I was the 48th person in line! You have to have an original birth certificate with the raised seal, you have to have this months utility bill, you have to have thier immunization records and like 5 pages of paperwork filled out. All this for a public school! Honestly it's insane. But I did it. That evening I had my ballet class, which I could actually participate in without modifying, and that night Aric and I enjoyed our scheduled TV time...Survivor and Lost. Any of you getting as worked up about Lost as we are? For every answer they give you, you get like 10 more questions AHHHHHH! But what can I say...we are hooked!

Friday morning I took Eden to story time at the library. They were learning about monkeys so Eden was very excited to go. We even got there early so she could get a seat right up close next to the librarian. After the story time we scoured the children's library for a book on weather since that is what they are learning about in pre-school next week. We found the ONLY weather book they had.
It was no easy task let me tell ya.

Now let me brag about my kid for a moment...we took Eden's buddy Jack with us to the library and his mom wanted us to drop him off at McDonald's afterward. Every Friday about 10 of my closest friends and their kids go to Micky D's for lunch. And me being the self proclaimed "germ-a-phob" that I am, never, ever go. (I don't judge you, so you don't judge me!) Anyways so I prepped Eden and told her that we were just dropping Jack off and that she could just stay in the car while I handed him off to his mom. Eden said "But I want to go and say hi to Meghann(Jack's mom)and mom, don't worry, I won't touch anything and I'll be really, really fast. So we ran in, dropped off Jack and ran out without touching anything...we were really, really fast! Man I love that kid!

After school Eden and Maya had a play date with their buddies Elsa and Kate. Then we went to a baptism that evening. After the kids were in bed Aric and I got ourselves wrapped up in another obsession... "Prison Break". When we were in California, the Fry's got us all excited about it so we rented the pilot season and started watching it. We got the Sampsons hooked too. We finished the first four episodes at 12:05am, if Blockbuster had been open we would have gotten the next disc. Instead we watched music infomercials for an hour, you know those ones that have like "the best rock ballads of all time...all 128 of them" it was good times.

On Saturday we were busy with basketball games. Aric and Mike Sampson are the coaches of our wards Young Men's basketball team. They were in the semi-finals on Saturday. Amy and I took the kids to support the team, they won the first game but lost the second. Since it is a double elimination they still have one more game to play next weekend. So we will keep you posted on that.

The Players

The Coaches...............................look out that one is crazy!

The Cheerleaders

That evening Aric grilled some yummy pork chops, yup, I said was nice enough outside to grill!!!! Then after the kids were in bed it was disc #2 of Prison Break. This time we finished up at a decent time so we could get some decent sleep.

Sunday we had church, Aric and I both had to teach. We had the missionaries over for dinner and then we went to a fireside. There was a guy in our ward who went on his mission to Slovakia and was asked to go back after he had been home for a couple of years. He left his wife and their new baby for 6 weeks to gather 20,000 signatures so that the LDS church could be registered officially in that country, he along with 40 other missionaries gathered them in 4 days! There were many miracles that happened along the way...anyways it was a really neat presentation, I'm so glad we went. And there you have it, that was our week. Somebody call the fun police! I think we are breakin some laws!


AMY said...

You must be out to make Mike and I look like a bunch of crazies. We look very unstable in your pics, but I guess that's what you get with us.

Prison Break is making me anxious. We need to get the rest of them going so the wacked out prison dreams will stop.

Even though it's tiring and exhausting to have crazy weeks, when you look back on them you always ended up having fun.

Ilene said...

Wait a minute, was this a youth fireside and I completely missed the announcement? I am such a flake right now.

I don't know what there is to question about men's fashion in the 1800s. Give me a man in breeches and tall boots any day of the week. I have video clip on the side of my blog dealing with this exact subject. It's pretty hilarious.

Ilene said...

Oh, you may want to check out my sister-in-law's, Cynthia's, blog post I was talking to you about. You reminds me of her- a great seamstress, loves paint and decorate, really funny, etc.

Natalie said...

I found your blog through Jessica's and was wondering if you could tell me where you got the shirt that you got for her husband? It's my husband's b-day this week and we have lots of jokes about his "big guns":). If you wouldn't mind sharing, I would be so grateful! I love your blog and the decorating projects have inspired me to get off of the computer and make my house look decent. Thanks!

Natalie said...

I forgot to login and so now I have to leave another comment or else I won't know when you answer me. Sorry and thank you. goodbye.

Meghann said...

It sounds like Aric is as bad as Adam when it comes to chick flicks. I get so ticked off when Adam makes comments, to the point of seriously being angry. I'll never forget watching "Thirteen Going on Thirty", starring the cute Jennifer Garner- HE totally ruined it!!! I would not speak to him the rest of the night.
Eden was so cute at McD's. All of a sudden, she was there, at my side, saying, "Hi Meghann." And then, like a flash- she was gone. What an obedient, sweet, sweet girl she is. I just love her.
PLEASE don't tempt me to watch Prison Break any more than I already am.
Oh, and LOST is seriously driving me crazy!!! If the writers don't answer every single question they keep bringing up, then I am seriously writing an angry letter to ABC about being unfair to the viewers.
Thanks for letting me "take the night off" tonight.