Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Today (September 25th)  is my mom's birthday.  She is coming up to help my sister with her baby and I will be partying in Utah for the weekend.  So since I can't be here to celebrate her birthday I figure the least I can do is honor her with a birthday post...

Copy of IMG_3634

My mom's heart.

It is huge, she loves deeply.

It is forgiving, she forgives quickly and easily.

It is giving, she gives to everyone...almost to a fault.

It is humble, she has never forgotten where she came from.

It is compassionate, she sacrifices her own comfort and convenience to help others out.

It is strong, she has overcome many trials and has helped many people get through theirs.

It is full, full of gratitude and joy. You can see this whenever she is around her grandchildren.

It is Christ-like, she is always striving to follow His teachings and share His gospel with others.

This is my mom's heart.  This is my mom.


Feliz Cumpleanos Mama...Te Amo Mucho!



**My mom loves Anita Baker so I picked this song for her**


Lauren in GA said...

I am not just saying this...I want to be a mom like your mom is. Your descrition of her was so glowing. I hope I can be as loving and humble

♥Shally said...

My mom sounds a lot like your mom!

Seriously. Not all moms are like that...

Tenemos buena suerte!!!

AMY said...

Yes, we too love "aubolita" :) Happy Birthday!

Melissa-Mc said...

Mothers that possess a 'mother heart' are truly a blessing.

Mahina said...

you were truly blessed to have your mom growing up! she must be the reason that you turned out so wonderfully!

happy birthday to your mom!

Meghann said...

I love your Mom. After meeting her, now I know where you get all your spunk and energy!