Tuesday, September 9, 2008

See ya later summer!

The best way to say good-bye to summer is by going to Silverwood. It's a theme park with roller coasters and rides with a giant water park attached to it.  So the Friday before school started we took the girls for a day of fun.
Aric has a weak stomach and is afraid of heights so I usually have to go on the "big" rides with the girls.
The thing is my stomach really isn't that great either but I thought I could handle this ride.  It was the first ride of the day and the girls really wanted to go on it.  It seems safe enough, there is no going upside down at crazy speeds.  There wasn't even a real harness to keep us in.  With a name  like "Spinning Apple" how bad can it be....

I felt so sick after this ride, the elephant ear I had just eaten almost came back up.
Train Rides...I can handle train rides.
IMG_1071  IMG_1070
Especially twenty minute train rides that have pretend train robbers and take you by a herd of buffalo.
Nope not a joke....totally for real.

Here are a couple pictures of  the girls enjoying the train ride.
Aric braved this ride with the girls.  I waited forever for them to get to this spot so I could take the coolest picture ever and....this is what I got.  Not so cool.  But at least I got a shot of them.
I'm the kind of girl who only likes to get wet if it's like 100 degrees, so going to the water park at 84 degrees was a little tricky for me.  But the girls could have cared less.IMG_1101
(I love Eden in the back ground of that last picture.)
We had a great day. It was so nice to be together, just the four of us, all day without any distractions.  Unless you count the weird guy in the background of this picture...seriously what guy wears a towel like that, ever...especially in public!  Weird.
So good-bye summer...you were fun while you lasted.  Which wasn't very long...but we truly enjoyed every last drop of sunshine you gave us.  Maybe next year you can come a little sooner to make up for the shortness of this year.  Just something for you to think about. Until next year...
We will be missing you!
The Albrecht's


Bridget said...

I always have such mixed feelings at the end of summer. Happy for my kids to go back to school but sad to give up all those fun summer days too.

Erin said...

Cute, cute, cute! And, yes, that guy in the towel is totally weird. Isabel wears her towel like. And she's four. And she's a little girl!!!

AMY said...

We'll have to try Silverwood next year. I think Aidan will be big enough to enjoy it then.

I'm with you, 84 is a little on the chilly side for swimming, if there had been a breeze I would have been out.

Penny said...

Darn it! I forgot to email you the picture of you guys on that water rafting ride! You are pointing at Keith saying, "You better not!" It's great, I will still email it to you.

And who took that last picture- it looks fantastic! :)

I, too, am sad about the summer coming to an end. I keep thinking... I'm not ready, I'm not ready....

Melissa-Mc said...

It looks like a really fun day!

If I go on any kind of spinning rides, like the teacups, I will be sick in bed for days.

♥Shally said...


It is still 100 degrees here, so we are still feeling like it is summer!

Zach can't do rides either... :)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh looks like so much fun. Wow, at least it still looks like summer there. We are already getting yellow leaves and some even falling! AHHHH!

Lauren in GA said...

You have such a beautiful family! Glad you got to have one last summer hurrah.

You look so cute in your glasses ;) Even when your elephant ear is about to make a, ahem, re-appearance... ;)

Natalie said...

Come to AZ. There is plenty of summer for everyone. The nights are even getting below 80 so it's bearable summer. You should come...