Sunday, September 21, 2008


So this is a post dedicated to all things random that has happened in my life recently...

Last week as we were getting ready to leave for Round-Up and I noticed one of these.....


"hanging" out in the corner of my garage.  Aric and Mike threw tennis balls at it until it came down.  I'm hoping it got separated from it's bat family, who is living comfortably in some cave in Utah. I'm sure it just started flying around with some seagulls and found himself out in our neck of the woods. Right....


Remember a few posts back I mentioned how we got our first pets, two fish, Lil Aric and Lil Jess, well....Little Jess couldn't take it anymore and committed fishy suicide this week.  She jumped right out of the bowl when I was trying to clean it and went straight into the garbage disposal.  So now Lil Aric is all alone. Clearly we are not cut out to be pet owners.



I recently discovered the yummiest treats ever...second only to The Hansen's Mississippi Mud... They are Three Muskateers Dark Chocolate Mint candy bars.  You can get regular size or these mini ones.


Three of these little guys are only 7 grams of fat.  I just got an eight pack for 88 cents.  I was so excited to share these little nuggets of heaven with Aric.  His casual reaction of "yeah they're alright" did not sit well with me.  I would not share them with him again.  Then last week he decided to try them again with a better attitude, giving them the respect that they deserved, and realized how delicious they really were so now I will share with him again.


The best invention ever!  Okay maybe not ever....but it is still very cool.  Let me introduce you to the "Bug Zapper".


It electricutes flies, bees and wasps and anything else that Aric can find.  We have a serious wasp issue around here and I had seen one of these before but didn't buy one until the end of the summer.  It was the best 10 bucks I spent this summer.  I will be carting it around with me next summer to every outing we go on.  Just doing my part to keep my kids sting free one wasp at a time.

**No honey bees have been injured or hurt while we have owned the Bug Zapper**


When I was in college I got my first cavities...four of them to be exact.  My dentist at the time took out my wisdom teeth at the same time he filled my cavities.  He gave me sleeping gas so I don't remember anything really except for waking up and the horrible recovery.  Well two of those fillings needed to be  refilled.  So I went in on Tuesday to have that done.  It was only supposed to take maybe an hour and Aric and I were going to go out for lunch afterwards.  Well....come to find out most people have four nerves coming out of their molars.  I have like six. 


My dentist, who also happens to be a very good friend, felt so bad.  When he would start drilling, I would flinch and he would have to give me another shot, this happened like four times AFTER the initial four shots. My appointment went way over and there was NO way I was eating anything for the rest of the day.  So no fun lunch with Aric.  My jaw is still hurting and I totally hate having extra nerves in my teeth.  Maybe that's why I get so easily annoyed.  More nerves...more things get on them...

I think that covers the random-ness that has happened the past few weeks.  If I think of anything else I will for sure post it.

**I picked this song because I love it and it is so random**


Lindsey said...

Yikes, I just had a root canal in my molar too. One root was at a 90 degree angle. Ouch. Hope you are doing better! :)

Mrs Ana said...

First of all, the amazon girl is not an amazon she's standing on a a platform and she has HUGE heels on. Secondly, You better believe Ammon is scared about me going to conferences because I feel so strongly about this whole solo thing. Thirdly, I think you are a magnet for critters. You have such a cool house everyone and everything want to hang out! I hope you're feeling better that stinks!

Bridget said...

OK. Where can I get one of those bug zappers? Those look so cool. I need it. And a bat.....ewwww, I would be very freaked out.

♥Shally said...

Your fish commited SUICIDE??

You are not invited to my house.

Actually ZACH would probably invite you. He is not a fan of the pets... :)

AMY said...

I don't know how many people you can fool with fish suicide? But not me, I remember all the things you disclosed to me about those fish. But I will play along if asked anything :)

PS Don't get me started on dental problems... can I say RE- root canal?

AMY said...

I have a few things to say about this post. You didn't do justice to the bat killing. It was an amazing shot. Also, I have to agree with Aric's initial response to the mint 3-muskateers (they are pretty awful). You still have a lot of mending to do.


Erin said...

Excellent post--sometimes the random things are the most fun to read about. :)

I'm totally emailing you today. I swear. :)

Mahina said...

love this song! the guitar is awesome!

you have some very interesting things that end up on your house, i've decided!

the candy bar sounds delish! i love the milky way midnight! at mint and it can only be that much better!

do they have a bigger bug zapper, say for zapping something as big as a mole?? i would buy it in a heartbeat if it work! we have a mole infestation that is really irritating us and destroying our beautifully green lawn! arrrghh!

and, so sorry about the extra nerves! that stinks! hope you can eat a wonderful lunch out with aric someday soon!

Alison said...

Well, first, I hope the bat isn't in Utah and isn't coming to my house...eekk!!! Second, I am really sensitive, too. I hate the dentist and ALWAYS need at least a couple shots...I feel your pain. Lastly, it would have been so fun to meet up at Round-Up. It was funny, I didn't see ANYONE I knew (I see more people not during round-up and just at Wal-mart). Ha! Glad you guys had fun, too. I was a bit too sick to completely enjoy it.

whattherandi said...

oh satellite. this is the song that made me fall in love with dave. So are you still coming to utah for womens conference or whatever? If so, when is it and do I get to see you. I NEED to see you!!!!

Lauren in GA said...

Whoa...suicidal fish and bats in the same post...this was fantastic.

I love that you witheld the 3 Musketeers from Aric until he gave them the, "respect they deserved". A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do ;)

Meghann said...

Oh my heavens- Adam totally does NOT respect sweets like he should. He couldn't tell the difference between Whitmans or Sea's. I'll have to try those new mini- musketeers! YUM!