Sunday, May 10, 2009

Let the celebrating begin!


On Friday I went to Eden's Kindergarten Class Mother's Day Luau. Eden had been counting the days for this party.

There was some....



Cute mom's and cute kids:


(This is my cute friend Cynthia with a few of her cute kiddos. She reads my blog but never comments. Now she's famous for being on my blog. That's what you get for not commenting.)





Each child read a statement about why they loved there moms. Eden's said, "I love my mom because she makes the best rolls in the world." Before you all start asking for my secret recipe, let me tell you the back story....

I have made rolls only once in my life...last Sunday. I followed the recipe to the "T" and when the rolls came out of the oven they were pretty much the exact same size they were when I put them in. So basically they were the size of mushrooms. But my girls loved them! I told Aric that was the first and last time I was making rolls...I think I will give them one more try now that I know what an impression they made on Eden.

And Presents of course!


At the beginning of the week Eden asked me if I was going to get a pretty dress for Mother's Day. I told her no and that I was probably just going to get a shirt that I could wear with one of my skirts. She told me not to go shopping and wait until Friday. I didn't think much of it. So on Friday when I opened my shirt she was so excited, she said "See mom, aren't you glad you didn't go shopping, now you have something to wear to church on Sunday."

So as I was getting ready for church today I told Aric about my conversation with Eden, he said, "well I guess you know what you are wearing today"...or something like that. I stood in my closet and deliberated for a few minutes and then I put a little somethin', somethin' together that looked like this...


Okay so I just realized that I don't really have any pictures of me in full costume, but you get the idea. I wore some sweet black heels and called it good.

Back to my Mother's Day weekend...

On Saturday, I ran nine miles. It was my last big run before the race. HALLELUJAH! We had our last soccer games...more on that later. We had gorgeous weather so I can't complain. Then I ran some errands with Amy. It was supposed to be a shopping trip but we had like an hour so it certainly did not count as a "trip". We had to meet up with Mike and Aric for some PF Chang's which was soooooo YUMMY. Then we went to an arena football game. Nothing screams Mother's Day more than a football game. It was actually a pretty good game 64-62, our team won.

Sunday began with breakfast in bed....sort of...I wasn't feeling so good so I told Aric a bowl of cheerios was all I wanted. Then I opened my presents:


I got this sweet little homemade clock from Maya. I was pretty impressed with this one. I was almost sure it was another picture frame. I love it!


I got these from M.E.C.A. (Aric's clever way of saying Maya, Eden, Camden and Aric) I LOVE these chips. It's so random how I am allergic to onions but I love onion flavored chips. Anyways I have a feeling I will be sharing this gift with the family. I really don't need to down 2lbs worth of chips even if it is Mother's Day.


These were another gift from MECA. I love these but I never buy them for myself. No one should have these as part of their pantry stock. But if someone is going to give them to me, well that's another story! I will not be sharing these but I will exercise some control and only eat one a day.

As another gift, Aric took Camden to church with him. He had a meeting 30 min before church started so I only had to worry about getting me and the girls there on time. I'm happy to inform you that we made it right on time. He also took Camden during third hour so I could enjoy Relief Society without having to deal with a tired baby. The meeting was fabulous and I was totally inspired to be a better mom and I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the women in my life.

I know my gifts certainly aren't traditional and that is totally fine by me. I truly only wanted a clean house, extra sleep, happy-obedient children and some peace and quiet. I know my expectations are unrealistic so I will cherish my homemade gifts and junk food because what they really represent is love. The best kind of love. The love from these precious people....




Happy Mother's Day to Me!

**For dinner Aric and Mike made me and Amy some Mother's Day Ribs", I think I'm smelling a tradition here...


Jean McKendrick said...

I love the shirt, how sweet is that. Even cooler you wore it to church. I'm telling you, RHODES rolls. :)
LOVE PF Changs. It's Matt's birthday this week and that was his request.

Lauren in GA said...

Ohhhhh, so, so, lovely!!!! That shirt is so cute and I love your hair. It is sassy and sexy!

Whoa...I wouldn't have guessed a clock either.

Love the M.E.C.A. very creative, Aric.

the wrath of khandrea said...

great outfit. you pulled it off.
i'm with you on the hostess. love those cupcakes about once a year.

glad your mday was great!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful mother's day. :)

Mahina said...

you are an awesome mom to wear the shirt to church! that made her day and i am sure she will remember it for a very long time!!

Natalie said...

I love love love that you wore that shirt to church on sunday. someday she will look back and see what a rock star you are for doing that. it will mean even more than it already did in a few years from now.

I am with you on the Hostess cupcakes. i love that you love those and share the same "rules" that i do when i get them (usually from a friend or ryan when i am having a trial).

Happy mother's day! (one day late, but hey...)

Erin said...

Excellent post--love the shirt. :) I wore two GIANT puffy pink paper corsages to church. :) Oh and some lovely yellow sparkly earrings that the kids picked out for me from the clearance rack at Target. :) Gotta love it. My YW thought I was lookin' pretty hip.

I'm so excited for you and your race! Can't wait to "hear" all about it!!! :) You'd better cry when you cross the finish line--and proudly! I cry every time. :)

Ilene said...

You totally pulled off the shirt. You have such skills with accessories. I am accessory impaired. I own one necklace and haven't worn in for about a year. Bad, Ilene.

Leah said...

Yes. Rhodes rolls, Rhodes cinnamon rolls. Both rock the world.

I LOVE your outfit! That was the most beautiful thing you could have worn! And you make anything look cute with all of your spunk.

Mrs Ana said...

I love the shirt! Love the pictures! So precious! Happy Mother's day and thanks for the video it made my day!

calibosmom said...

I'm so glad you wore your shirt-now thats a fun mom! We are called the MECHS...another strange similarity. I'm sure we share DNA on some family tree.

kthom said...

See you didn't even have to go waited and look what you got, a fabulous shirt AND a darling little ms. who thinks her mom is even cooler. Nice job mom. Good luck on the run...a little jealous...majorly impressed. And 2 thumbs up on the Maui good. My Hostess treat of choice....blackberry/lard pies. I ate them as a kid and when I really got around to reading labels years later, I couldn't bring myself to eat something that actually states the word, "lard" in the ingredients. But such delicious lard. Indulge and enjoy!

Melissa-Mc said...

Way to work the shirt into your Sunday outfit. I have a great roll recipe! It is this: drive to the store and buy Rhodes rolls. What would I do without Mr. Rhodes?