Friday, May 15, 2009

My thoughts on the eve before my big race...

I can't believe I am doing this!

Why am I doing this?

What if I don't hear the alarm? (remember that Seinfeld)

What if I throw up while I'm waiting at the starting line because I am so nervous?

What if I drink too much water?

What if I have to go to the bathroom while I'm running?

I hope I don't trip...and I really I hope I don't trip someone else!

I hope I don't accidentally spit on someone.

I really hope I don't have to walk.

Maybe I should have ran 12 miles last Saturday instead of nine.

I cannot forget to charge my ipod tonight.

What would happen if I got hurt? Are there paramedics on the route?

Should I wear a hat or sunglasses...or both? Or neither?

I can't decide whether I should wear a white tank top or a red one. Or should I wear a T-shirt instead?

Should I have gotten new shoes?

I really hope my family doesn't get lost or stuck in traffic and miss my big finish.

Why am I making such a big deal about this race anyway? It's only a half marathon, it's not even a real marathon. It's not like I'm really "racing", I'm just want to finish the darn thing.

Last night Eden said "Maya, you HAVE to wake me up on Saturday. I like to sleep in and I can't sleep in on Saturday or I'll miss mom's race!" I love how excited my kids are for me. The picture of them in my head at the finish line is what will be pushing me through those last three miles. And if that picture doesn't keep me going I'll think of the moose chasing me.

Maya said "You probably won't win mom, but it's okay if you get like fourth place..." This will be a great opportunity for me to teach my kids how it doesn't matter if you win first place, it just matters that you did your best and finish what you started.

So my dears....I'm off to load up on carbs at Olive Garden and enjoy every bite of Alfredo dipping sauce guilt free.

Wish me luck....I can already hear you cheering me on. I will report on my amazing race tomorrow or Sunday....if I'm still moving.



Jenny Erazo said...

GOOD LUCK JESS! What do you mean ONLY a half marathon??? You are amazing 13.? miles is a LONG way to run and you are doing it!

Jean McKendrick said...

Good luck to you! Don't think too much about it. You won't sleep in, you'll probably wake up every hour all night long and look at the clock! You will finish, you've worked hard. Who cares if you spit on someone, you'll never see them again anyway right?

♥Shally said...

YAY! I always admire runners. You should move here- I swear EVERYONE runs here.

Everyone but ME. :)


calibosmom said...

It is a real marathon! WOOHOO! I'm so excited for you-you're going to do a great job! I can't wait to hear all about it. Don't change anything-wear what you've been wearing on your regular runs. Just pee before the race and you'll be fine. GOOD LUCK!!!

Mrs Ana said...

Good Luck dear and have fun celebrating. Make sure you say a prayer. Whenever I'm nervous about something I always pray that I'll be able to sleep and be calm. It works for me. I'm so proud of you and will be cheering you on! make sure your shoes are tied tight! Don't worry about spitting on anyone they'll probably spit on you too. Again, Good Luck! Love you!

Melissa-Mc said...

YOU CAN DO THIS! I'll be cheering you on from Boise.

Lindsey said...

You can do it!!! Good luck. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Shirley said...

YOU CAN DO IT! Actually you are probably doing it right now! It is 10:26am your time!!! Can't wait to hear details. You are amazing!!!

Lauren in GA said...

Who knew that being chased by a moose would be such an integral part of your training regimen?

I am seriously so proud of you for doing this. I know you will finish strong and your children will be so delighted. What a great example this is to them. ☺

Randi said...

I believe in you. If my mom can do it, anyone can!

Erin said...

Dying--no DYING--to hear how it all went and to see some pics!!

kthom said...

Soooooooo, how'd it go?

Natalie said...

well....????? i just have to tell you that my friend that i run with emailed me tonight and told me that she has secretly nicknamed me 'spitter' because i accidentally spit on her when we were running the other day. i spit like crazy when i run. old habits die hard:). can't wait to hear all about it!!!

abbyandcompany said...

It comes up in my google reader as "Finding Joy in the Journey"...hmmm and you have 44 are so popular!

Amy J

abbyandcompany said...

No, wait. That is someone else. Is forever enough? Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass....and you still have 44 subscribers! Ms. Popular!

Mahina said...

i am so excited for you! i never can sleep the night before a race!

hope your worst fears didn't come to fruition! even if they did they make for a great story!

you rock!

Leah said...

So did you rock it?! I would just be happy to finish.