Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We Remembered...

This Memorial Day we went to Oregon to visit some of my family, the living...

(Camden and Joe)


(Tia Ines and Pochito)


and the ones who have gone before us.

My Grandpa Tony

grandpa tony


My Abuelita Tina

Abuelita Tina



My Other Tia Ines


And my Grandpa Fitchen IMG_4044

Growing up I remember my abuelitas cutting flowers from their yards and arranging them in vases or jars and taking them to the cemetery. They would put them on the graves of my grandpas and my tia Ines. I liked going to the cemetery, it didn't freak me out. You can see the cemetery from the front yard of my Abuelita Hernandez's house. You can look down from the hill that she lives on and see the general area where my family members are buried.

Now that my girls are older I am glad that I get to share this with them. They were very respectful and tried really hard not to step on "people's bones". They had lots of good questions like, "Are you stepping on someone's head?" and "What happens to their clothes?". But what I noticed most of all was how reverent they were. They talked softly and took their time walking around reading the headstones. Maya was especially touched by all the flags and the soldiers that were buried there.


Some people might think it's strange to take their kids to the cemetery but I think going to the graves of my family members while I was growing up gave me a connection to them. I want to give that same feeling to my children.

So on memorial day not only do we take time to remember those who died serving our country, we also honor our family members who made great sacrifices so that their posterity could have a bright future with endless opportunities. My children will know where they come from and the legacy of hard work and love that is theirs to live up to. Gracias.


Ilene said...

I'm with you. I always visited my grandma's grave and it helped me feel a connection to her- to keep her in my thoughts and to have some kind of memory of her.

Mrs Ana said...

It never fails, I always feel like I miss out on so much.:(

Lindsey said...

I liked going with my family at a young age too. I hope to do that with my kids when we go back to visit! Thanks for the thoughts.

the wrath of khandrea said...

you come from a line of beautiful people, which clearly explains your stunning good looks.

we do the cemetary thing too, only we don't really have any relatives around. but there is much to be learned from those visits, even to strangers.

good for you, mami.

Mahina said...

i think that is a wonderful thing to do on memorial day! that is great that you have such great memories of doing the same thing when you were a little girl! your girls will also remember this!

AMY said...

It's much better to visit a grave site to remember families lives, and what they meant to you... a relaxing, peaceful change from a burial.

PS I'm glad Eden and Maya didn't find "soft" grass :)

Melissa-Mc said...

Amen. I love that your girls were concerned about where they were stepping :)

Jean McKendrick said...

I think it's great you took your girls to the cemetery. My mom used to take us to visit my Grandma Miller (her mom) in Silverton where we grew up. I was never afraid of the cemetery either. I remember her washing the head stone off and putting fresh flowers there.

just the five of us said...

What a great post. I am so glad that Maya and Eden get to go the cementary. I should have taken my girls to the cemetary too.

Becky said...

This is the tradition we had in our family too growing up. I have tried to do it with our kids also.

nurse graham said...

What a wonderful way to help your girls make connections with those who have gone on before. This is a great tradition.

♥Shally said...

I think it is a great tradition! Jaxon kept asking if we could go visit someone's grave, but we have no one close... :(

Elena said...

I wasn't going to go, but because you were going I went. Thanks for your example. It's the least we can do for all they did for us. I'm very glad to have that memory of going with you and your family. It's also nice to know I wont be forgotten in the future. ;)

Bridget said...

I love to hear about people like you who actually celebrate Memorial Day fo r what it should be. Good for you.

Lauren in GA said...

What a wonderfu Memorial Day traditon. I love how respectful and reverent your girls were and how they took their time walking around the headstones.