Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Goodness


It all started with some Easter manicures on Easter Friday...IMG_7113  IMG_7114

Camden got into the spirit of Easter by having snack time with Jesus...
Sharing his Teddy Grahams
This is C's "pretty face"

On Easter Saturday the weather was horrible. We are talking hail and snow. I ran seventeen miles in it. It was fabulous! This is Ryan R. modeling the hail for us.
A took M and E to an Easter Egg hunt while I stayed home with a napping C.


IMG_7147 IMG_7148

Last year we forgot to dye eggs. This year we remembered.

Easter Sunday was wonderful. Our church has a world wide church conference where church leaders speak to us. We watched part of it on Saturday and today we got to watch some more. We got to spend the day listening to inspired talks as a family. C was quite distracting for the morning session. The afternoon session was much more peaceful thanks to a napping baby. From the talks to the music, it was the perfect way to spend Easter Sunday. We got to listen to men and women bear testimony of Christ and his divinity. As we listened we were reminded of His love and his sacrifice.
For dinner this year we decided to keep it simple. I usually host a big shindig, but this year I purposely kept it small. Just me, A and the kiddos. I still made everyone dress up...
We had to get dressed up because I did invite one very special guest, Jesus...
The girls saw the extra place setting and were so excited to find out who was coming. After they were sitting at the table I had them close their eyes and then I pretended to open the door and lead someone to the table. They were definitely surprised to see our guest, it was not at all who they expected.
We spent dinner talking about how would act if Christ were always sitting there at our table. We've all had some issues with yelling, fighting and complaining. Clearly after my last post, I've got some work to do...So we talked about how we need to change some of our behaviors if we want a Christ centered home. We had a neat conversation and I loved the sweet spirit that was there.
After dinner the girls gave me and A these Easter gifts that they had made for us...
Then we enjoyed some banana cake with strawberries...MMMM.
M and E wanted to take pictures of their banana cake creations.
Here is A enjoying his non-chocolate dessert...this no chocolate diet of his is KILLING me!

After dessert and showers we had scriptures and prayers. Nothing out of the ordinary. But tonight as I sat there listening to Eden stumble over the big words, and Maya read more than she needed to (as usual), all while Mr. C was throwing toys and tripping over his feet, it was all I could do to keep my heart inside of my chest. In that moment my joy was full.
I am so grateful for Heavenly Father's plan that is so amazing and so perfect. I am so grateful for my Savior and what he did for me. Not only did He suffer for my mistakes and feel all of my pains and sorrows...he kept his promise and gave his life so that I get to be with these fabulous people forever.
I love my Savior. He truly is my rock and my salvation.

Behold the wounds in Jesus’ Hands
(This is my favorite Easter hymn, it is by John V. Pearson, I've only put the first and last verse. Go here to see them all.)

Behold the wounds in Jesus’ Hands,
The marks upon His side.
Then ponder whom He meant to save
When on the cross He died.
We cannot see the love of God
Which saves us from the Fall,
Yet know that Christ from wood and nails
Built mansions for us all.

Behold His wounded hands and feet!
Come touch, and see, and feel
The wounds and marks that you may know
His love for you is real.
Then as you fall to worship Him
And wash His feet in tears,
Your Savior takes you in his arms
And quiets all your fears.
Copy of 100_1058 

*Monday is A's birthday. He is awesome. His birthday post will come later. You can go here to read a previous birthday tribute.


Natalie said...

i laughed and cried. as usual:). happy easter my freind. and happy birthday a.!

Mrs Ana said...


Rochelleht said...

Wow. That totally choked me up. Great post. Beautiful children. Funny Jesus Bobble head. You guys are having lots of great meals with that important guest!

I LOVED this weekend. It was great, huh?!?

Jean McKendrick said...

I am horrible, I didn't dress my kids up this year since we didn't physically go to church. I loved spending Easter weekend watching conference though, couldn't have asked for more. Great idea to invite Jesus to dinner. I can't believe your weather, sunny and 80 here, my kids were in the neighbor's pool this weekend

Lindsey said...

What a great idea! Jesus at the table. I need to do some of these things... Such an inspiring idea!

the wrath of khandrea said...

i think we need to try the inviting jesus thing. the fighting and bickering is driving me insane.

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Lauren in GA said...

I love your idea about inviting the Savior to the table.

Uh, that hail is quite impressive. Some amazing Easter Egg hunt memories, right there.

Your kids look fabulous in their Easter finery. I love the pictures.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony with us, Jessica.

Elena said...

You were all so springy. I loved the rosy cheeks, but got cold just looking at the scenary. Brrr. Yes conference was inspiring and a joy to listen to. With Joe working we didn't do anything else. In fact, we had macaroni and cheese with fruit for lunch. The Chambers felt sorry for me and invited me over for Easter dinner. The best part of all was that abuelita Hernandez came to watch the Sunday session. xoxo

calibosmom said...

Love you lady! I am personally inviting Jesus to dinner next Monday night.

Erin said...

Every picture of Camden, I want to squeeze him! Every. Single. Picture. You can tell he is SO boy.

Love the pictures of the girls' hands too. I love my kids' hands and hate how much they've changed from 4 to 6 you know? They've totally lots that cute chubbiness!!