Sunday, July 24, 2011

Catching Up

Honestly how is it the end of July? Especially when it's only felt like summer for maybe seven days! My days have been ridiculously full. Mainly full of preparing for house projects, doing house projects and cleaning up after house projects all while keeping up with regular life tasks. It's been exhausting but worth it.

So here is some stuff that we have done in between all the house projecting...

Father's Day

Aric is a fabulous dad and he certainly deserved to be celebrated.

He got lots of homemade cards and lots of love.

We had our friends, the Hall's, over for a yummy dinner. Garrett and Aric are toasting with their favorite beverage Mello Yello...Rachel found a special edition version "Mello Yello Dark"

Trip to Pendleton, Oregon...My Hometown

My mom and Joe took our kids for a few days so that Aric and I could tile the laundry room. One of our many, many projects.

This is the chapel that I grew up going to church every single Sunday with my family.

It was built by the LDS members there a long time ago. Isn't it the coolest chapel ever! It reminds me of the Harvard chapel.

 My girls are growing up so stinkin' fast I couldn't help myself and took a couple of close ups of them.

 We celebrated a belated Father's Day with my step-dad Joe.

We celebrated an early birthday for my baby brother Ben.

We love you Tio Benny!

We also got to spend some quality time with my Abuelita H.

Fourth Of July

I love celebrating the Fourth in my little town...

We rode our bikes down to the local 20 minute parade.

Here are the cutey boys...

Here are the cutey girls + C...

And here are the cutey momma's...

Camden and Faith still haven't quite figured out the whole candy gathering part of the parade. Camden cried whenever someone sprayed him with a water gun and Faith would run out and get piece of candy then run it back to Jessica and eat it. Yeah, those two kiddos need to be schooled in the ways of parade etiquette.

I love this picture of the kids waiting and watching.

This was the most elaborate float we had. I'm telling you this is small town America where we live.

They let anyone into the parade...even these yahoo's. 

I love seeing our friends in the parade.

Emma bit Aric while fighting over a piece of candy. Aric pretty much brings out the best and the worst of people.

Later that day we had our poor friend Garrett over since he was homeless and family-less.

The kids enjoyed their five minutes of pop took them longer to clean them up than it took for them to throw them.

 That night we went to our most gracious friends, the Shenneman's, lake house for the fireworks show.

It was a long day, but it was a lovely day. The weather was perfect which was all I could ask for.


So far we have only been able to go twice...stupid, stupid weather. But I did manage to take pictures one day...

I love watching my kids in the water. This particular day it was just us at the pool. Maya and Eden played so good together.

Camden preferred to watch for the first hour. The last 30 minutes he finally decided to get in.

 Okay this post is way longer than I wanted it to be so this will have to do for now. I will have to do another catch up post another day. Eden's birthday is in two days and her baptism in six days. I'm a little busy these days but how can I even complain? It's all good stuff.



Rochelleht said...

What a fun summer! I seriously can't believe it is almost over too! It is crazy!! Your kiddos are so darling. Good luck with the baptism!!

Cami said...

I love our little town...great place to raise a family with great friends close by.

Lauren in GA said...

I don't blame Emma for biting Aric. You have to get serious when candy is at stake.

The momma's at the parade are super cute! Love the patriotic clothing.

You always look so beautiful, Jessica. I love the picture of you with Tio Benny. Love the flower in your hair.

You pretty much AMAZE me with all you accomplish. It is fantastic!

♥Shally said...

So fun!! Don't you love summer?? :)

Jean McKendrick said...

The summer has gone WAY fast, less than 4 weeks now until school starts here. I love your small town parade, I miss small town. When we were kids we used to enter a pet parade with our big, white cat each year crammed in a bird cage pulled by a wagon. We usually won a prize. :) Your kids are really getting big. I can't believe how fast time goes. I am impressed you blog through the summer, I feel like I don't have any time when I am entertaining kids 24/7.

just the five of us said...

Summer did go way to fast!! My girls are already back in school. Looks like you had a fun summer. Can't wait to see the post of Camden's artistic adventures (:

Elena said...

Fun, fun, fun! but summer hasn't ended yet. The best is still to come. See you soon!xoxxo