Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maya's Dance Recital

Okay this happened a month ago but I have to blog about it or Maya would be sad...

She took a modern dance class and LOVED it.

I was in charge of costumes again because I refuse to pay over $25 dollars for an outfit that will be worn for 3 minutes.

So this is what I came up adorable little birds.

The black tank top Old Navy $5

The black capri leggings Old Navy $7

The tule JoAnne's $2 (crazy sale)

The boa JoAnne's $6 (with coupon)

The mask $2 + $1 for rinestones 
(I glued feathers from the boa onto it and added cute rhinestones that you can't see)

Grand total $23
If you minus the tank top and capris that can be worn outside of the costume it was only $11!

Maya's has been dancing with Holland and Elsa for five years now. They are her oldest and dearest friends. She has be friends with Elsa since she was two years old! 

We love that we live close enough to my sister that she can come to these special events. Funny how there are no pictures of me and my girl but that's okay because Maya loves her Tia Evelynne! And we don't have many of them together.

Every June I curse the weeks leading up to the recital...the extra rehearsals and the costume making is enough to do me in! But as I watch my girls dance and see my creations on the stage it makes my heart melt. It is all worth it and that's why I do it every single year.

I'm not sure how to upload the video without my windows livewriter so until then...this is the song they danced too. I LOVE it and is now on my "faves playlist".


Jean McKendrick said...

You never cease to amaze me with your talent Jessica. Evelynne looks good! Tell her "hi" for me.

Lauren in GA said...

I LOVE the costumes, Jessica! I love the way the netting (is that netting?) looks in the front. You are so creative!

I am serious. I think it is amazing that you do the costumes each year. I love them!

Monica Kay said...

Hello!!!!!! They did this on Glee! I MUST send you their version. Wonderful.

Elena said...

Maya is the cutest bird I've ever seen for sure. As always and as others have commented your imagination and skills are amazing! Interesting how no matter how hard when it's for your kids or other loved one it's always worth it in the end and in your case it ends up being a success for everyone every time. : )