Sunday, July 10, 2011

This is what a full day looks like...

First of all...
You know it's going to be a good day when a box of fruit shows up on your doorstep!

The Fun Run

Our morning started out with the annual summer race our city puts on.

I ran first. It's a four mile run...mostly uphill. It's a killer! My friend Jess S. and I started in the front of the pack, we didn't mean to we just found a spot before the whistle blew and it happened to be at the front. 
I forgot my ipod so I just got in a zone and stayed there. I ran the fastest I've ever ran...four miles in 33 minutes! 


The funnest part was that during the medal ceremony I heard my friend Cami's name called for third place in our age bracket and I knew I was a few seconds ahead of her, so I got second and my other friend Jessica got first! We had no idea that we placed, so fun! My friend Laura also placed in her age bracket.

After my run it was Camden's turn. He was with the six and under crew. 

Here he is doing his stretches...

He took off and ran hard for about 50 yards and then decided he was done. 

He needed a little help to finish it up...

Yay for Camden!

Then Eden was up. She had made a goal back in January to finish the race without stopping and get a ribbon.

I ran with her and she ran like a champ. I had told her to start slow and find a good pace. She kept seeing these boys sprint pass her and then walk but at the very end of her race she passed them. It was awesome!

Here she is finishing her race. I was so proud of her. It was not easy for her but she did it.

Yay Eden!

Last but not least was Maya's race. There was only one other girl and she was the youngest in her bracket. She had made a goal to get first place for the girls because last year she got second. 

Well she took off too fast in the beginning trying to keep up with all the sprinting boys. She got burned out and really struggled, so I ran with her. She did a great job pushing through her disappointment and finished strong. 

I was so proud of her. She still got her second place ribbon and in the end that made her happy.

I love sharing the love of running with my kids...

My brother Ben showed up at the medal ceremony to spend the weekend with us since he won't be able to be here for Eden's baptism that will be in a few weeks. 

(Notice the matching t-shirts...)

Sewing Project
I finished these cushions for our patio furniture.

The Shock Game
Then we went to the first ever outdoor Shock game. We took the kids and it was so much fun!

The Shock spanked the Blaze...WHOO HOO!

Camden was making friends right and left with his silliness.

It was not a lazy Saturday by any means, but we made some awesome memories! 

Yay Summer!


Lauren in GA said...

Your whole family is so impressive. I love the pictures of Maya and Eden pushing through. I love how Eden's hair is blowing back...she is running like the WIND!!

So, so, neat that ALL of your friends placed! Really fun that in your category you were 1st, 2nd and 3rd!!!!

Camden's running picture is so cute!!

just the five of us said...

That is awesome that all of your kids share your love of running! (: Where is Aric? lol

Rochelleht said...

WOW! That is so amazing! I'm very impressed with your time and that your kids joined you. That rocks, girl!!!

Lindsey said...

Whoa, I am tired now. :) Glad you are enjoying summer!!!!

Cami said...

Fun day I'm happy I get to be a part of it with ran super crazy fast that's for sure

Nurse Graham said...

Nice run! What an awesome day for you and your family.

Jess said...

that was quite the day.....congrats on the run!!!! My runner inspiration girls!!!

Elena said...

Your pictures are great. I wish I could have been there to root you on. You'll have to tell me when it is next year and maybe I can be there and maybe even jog along. I can't do a 2 miles in 30 minutes, so you'll leave me in the dust, but would be fun. I love that you were there to run with the girls to give them the extra strength when they really needed it. Proud of all of you!! xoxo

Mrs Ana said...

love the kid's faces. Good for all of you! So much fun!

Natalie said...

how did i get posts behind??? So i drove by your house the other day. nothing shady going on...yet. j/k it looks good.

also this post makes me want to start running again. but it also makes me feel tired. so conflicted. good luck with the baptism coming up. i wish i was there to help you!!

Anonymous said...

I love that your entire family runs. I'd like to start that in our family, my question is how have you done it? Did you just start inviting the kids on your runs? I know this was a while ago, but well done on your race!