Friday, October 21, 2011

Somebody Talks Too Much...

So the other day Aric and I were having a conversation. I'm not sure what prompted his openness and honesty but he told me that sometimes I talk too much and I tend to tell more information than necessary.

What?? Who me???

Like this was shocking information. The only shocking thing was that I didn't punch him in the gut for saying it to me!

It's got me thinking a lot though. I know that I am a talker. I quite enjoy a good conversation. I don't even mind a good debate from time to time. The part that got me was that I might possibly share too much.

So I've had something I've wanted to blog about, but now I'm afraid that it will fall in the category of "telling more than is necessary".

What is necessary? I mean I definitely have a thermometer of what is appropriate or not, because I know when someone crosses that line I feel weird...I think it more has to do with sharing too much of myself or my feelings. 

I haven't always been that way. For the first 23 years of my life I was very cautious about what I shared, how I shared it, and who I shared it with. I would go as far as being dishonest about something just to avoid sharing too much. It was a horrible way to live. Don't get me wrong, I was always feisty and if I saw an injustice being done or was in anyway being wronged, I had no problem saying something about it. In fact I was kind of known for my loud mouth, but that is different. It was more the deep feelings stuff. The stuff that might get people judging me, and where I came from.

At some point I decided that living that way was just too exhausting and it was way healthier for me to put myself out there and deal with the judgements and whatever else might come my way because of opening my big mouth.

What I have learned along the way is that I like being real. I like real people, who have real feelings. I like to think that because I am willing to put myself out there, other people are willing to put themselves out there too. There is always the fear of judgement or mockery, but in the end the love and support that comes from being so real makes it worth the risk. Just the idea that my openness might actually help someone else is also a huge part of me being willing to share so much.

In the end, this little blog of mine is for me and my posterity. The books that I make out of my blog are for my peeps to read. My hope is that they will get to know me, learn from my life's lessons and maybe even be inspired.

So if I talk too much...or share too much...well, I'm not going to apologize for it. It's who I am. Aric's comment does make me pause to make sure I'm not embarrassing him or my family too much, but honestly, he had a pretty darn good idea about who he was marrying when he married me. He just didn't realize my big mouth would have such a large audience one day!

Geez, now that I have talked so much about talking so much, I am going to have to wait to do that post another time...

*Let me give a little shout out to John Mayer for pretty much writing this song just for me...Don't worry John, I always say what I need to say...


Lauren in GA said...

I don't think you say too much on the blog. I like that you are open.

I think I may embarrass my husband at times...I KNOW I mortify my kids regularly. I can't seem to help it ☺. I am queen of the overshare.

Lindsey said...

I could not agree more. I like people who are real, and who share their real feelings. That is what life is about. Why use pretenses??? People who use them are proud, and have their own issues to address. . . I love the honesty, and I love the sharing, and that is what real friends do... Now, with that said, I can't believe I have to wait for the next post!!!!!!!

Kathleen said...

Trust me--you do the perfect amount of sharing! If Aric wants to see what it's REALLY like when someone shares too much, I can point him to some blogs that (as much as I love the writers) often make me feel weird with how personal they are!

Keep up the good blogging! I love reading your blog!

Rochelleht said...

Have never ever felt that way about your blog. Trust me, I've read blogs that over-share. Since I have yet to read about your period or where you conceived your child, you're good. And if you are wondering if anyone actually does that, YES! I have read about both those in very casual terms within blog posts. "Oh, by the way, we conceived our first there..." Or, "My periods are so heavy, blah, blah." I do think there is a limit and you have NEVER approached it at ALL!

I like honesty, too. I talk to much and am honest. I guess that's why we are friends.

Dave and Ash said...

Yeah, dude, I would totally take your pictures for free too! I'm still learning and practicing, so I so appreciate when peeps give me that chance. We'll be out there at Christmas time. Consider it. And if they don't turn out, at least it was free, right? And then we could go eat at Rocky Rococo's because that sounds so good right now. Mmmmm.

That's funny Aric thought I looked disgusted in that picture. I can get way more disgusting looking-- fo sho.

Dave and Ash said...

Also, to be honest, I would for sure classify you as a "talker," but I don't think you share too much information. Your talkativeness makes you very easy to get to know and made me feel like I could be friends with you. I have the opposite problem of not being as talkative so I think people think I'm a snooty booty. I'm great one on one (toot toot!), but I sort of disappear in a crowd. And you have lots of friends and I don't. So there you go. Talk away.

Mrs Ana said...

It's talking too much that got me my new fun job! It's in your blood girl!