Sunday, October 16, 2011

Take a Peek

I have come to the conclusion that every season of life is busy. Things never seem to slow down. I keep waiting for the magical month that things will calm down but I have finally accepted that it will never happen so here is a peek into our crazy busy life...


I went to Utah by myself to meet with BYU again about my book and go to the General Woman's Broadcast. (I will do a post on it) Then I surprised Aric with a trip to Utah by himself the very next
weekend! (I will post that one too)

Grandma Kathy Visit

We were so excited to have her come for a visit last month. It was so great because she didn't have to get chemo so she wasn't sick! We loved every minute we had with her.

Camden Starting Play Group

As soon as Camden was born, I knew I would be starting a play group co-op for him the fall he turned three. How we got here so freaking fast is a mystery...but here is my little play group guy. He absolutely loves his Wednesday mornings. There are five of us in the group. We have a theme and a schedule and we take turns doing it at our homes. It's so weird to have 2 1/2 hours alone every week. It makes errand running so much more enjoyable!

Chicken Cutting

This is so gross but I want it documented. I get a great deal on chicken breast but we have to buy it in bulk...40lbs worth. I split it with my friend Cami, it's only $1.49 and comes fresh from local farms. So we suck it up and spend an hour-ish cutting up nasty chicken. It's so worth it when I get to put all of this in my freezer.

Home Improving

Yes we are at it again. This time we are tackling our master bathroom and the kids bathroom. I spent Friday demo-ing, and Saturday installing four sink faucets. Only four trips to Home Depot and Lowe's...I hate plumbing! Especially when I've spent hours under these four sinks and on the last one, I drop a stinking wrench on my ear!

Mom Celebrating

We celebrated my Mom's birthday while she was here for a visit. She likes carrot cake but no one else does so I got her, her own special mini cake.

Middle School Adjusting

It didn't take Maya long to become an independent middle schooler. I walked her to the bus stop twice. The third day she had me walk with her until the bus stop was in sight and then she stopped and told me that was good enough. Then the next day she had found a walking buddy and she didn't want me at all. I cried...both tears of joy and sadness. Ahhhh...growing pains. We just got Maya's B+ and the rest A's! She even got an A in math, she has never gotten an A in math! We are so proud of her...

Soccer Saturdays

Both girls are playing this year.  It's been so busy! They each have two practices a week plus games on Saturday. The past three weekends we have had 3-4 games each Saturday! Maya decided that after a two year break that she wanted to play again. She has become quite the player. It is so fun to watch her, she is aggressive and she really understands the game.

Eden has also grown so much. This year she has discovered that she loves playing goalie and defender. This is her fourth season with her coach, the team has changed some over the years but this year has been the best so far because she has three of her buddies on her team. I absolutely love watching them play. It does make for a busy eight weeks but as long as the weather cooperates I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

Trying New Things...Roll Making

So tonight I decided to tap into my inner Domestic Goddess and make rolls for the first time ever in my whole life. They turned out pretty good. Aric was so proud of me, this is so not my thing. I would love to say that I felt all euphoric as I served up my homemade rolls with my homemade chicken noodle soup but it wasn't really like that. I felt satisfied for sure, but I am so not Betty Crocker. I did pull out Aric's grandma's Kitchenaid, I'm sure Grandma Audrey would have been proud of me too.

There is so much more I still need to document and I will try to do better about it getting up on here. For now this little peek will have to do.


Nurse Graham said...

Yes, every stage of life is busy--just in different ways. You look like you have enjoyed all of the busyness. I think it's funny you associate cooking with being a domestic goddess. I think home decorating and all of your other home improvement projects demonstrate a gold-star preformance in "domestic goddestry".

Rachel said...

Loved the junior high bus stop story! Why are there so many sad/happy moments as a mother?! Emotions involving kids are so bipolar:)

Lauren in GA said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwwwwwwww. That wrench did some damage. Did you see little birds tweeting and stars circle around your head?

I really am in awe of all you do. You are amazing, lady!

I noticed you made a neat photo book for your mom. I need to do things like that. For some reason I get intimidated that the process will confuse me too much.

Rochelleht said...

You are amazing. I'm trying to master the art of yeast, myself. trying. It does feel great when it works. Yeah you!!