Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Celebrating Eden...

Eden's birthday celebration began on Thursday when we received a package from Grandma Kathy and Papa Ron.  Maya and Eden were very excited to open their gifts.

IMG_0454 IMG_0456

Fun books and more High School Musical stuff !




On Friday she had five friends come over for a "Beach Party".  Eden came up with the theme.

These were the invitations:

Copy of IMG_0435

This was the cake:


These were the crafts:


These were the gifts:


These were the fun water games:

(notice the "lifeguard" in the background)

IMG_0509 IMG_0514


These were the cute party friends:


And then.....

On Saturday we celebrated by going out to dinner at Applebee's. 

 When Edee was little she didn't want to eat there because she thought you had to eat apples with bees in them.  Silly Eden...

Maya and Eden had their first taste of mozzarella sticks.

IMG_0539 IMG_0538

Eden loved her dessert ... an ice cream sundae. 


Back on Thursday she told us that we had to be nice to her yesterday, today and tomorrow because she was the birthday girl.  Well I think we fulfilled her wishes...

Now it's back to being mean to her again.


Monica Kay said...

do i get a birthday weekend too? or does that end at the age of "you're not my kid?"

Lindsey said...

Will you come throw a party for me? Because that was amazing! I feel bad for my 3rd and 4th kids because by then, I am going to be throwing the presents across the table unwrapped!

Melissa-Mc said...

I hope she can enjoy those 362 days when everyone is mean to her :)

Mahina said...

what a cute party! the girls all looked like they were having a blast! and it's a good thing there was a lifegaurd on duty!!

did you make that cute cake! you amaze me with all of your many talents!

whattherandi said...

I cant beleive the Ede is 5!!! I have been away WAY too long. I had a dream a few nights ago where Chris and I came to see you and we were helping you get the room ready for your new baby! I am so happy for you guys. I miss and love you guys alot. Any news on when the baby is coming?

Ilene said...

Tell Eden, it was great while it lasted. That cake is adorable, just like those girls.

Did I tell you "Eden" is a contender for our girl's name? Such a lovely name for lovely girls.

Jessica said...

That picture of all of them posing is awesome. Every other one of Jane's (way cuter) swimsuits were dirty, so she got that old Speedo one...I wish I'd remembered the blog...I would've have washed them in a hurry.

calibosmom said...

WAY CUTE PARTY!!!! I love kids parties! The cake is awesome! I'm in the process of planning Solomons Dragon party. Happy birthday to your sweetie!

Mrs Ana said...

A party like that could not take place without the aid of the very important lifeguard!!! The fact that he is such a "BABE" is just an added bonus!

Lauren in GA said...

You are so funny..."Now it's back to being mean to her again."

That cake is FABULOUS!!!! I wish my flip flops were edible ;)

Erin said...

I commented on this days ago but my comment disappeared into blog-land I guess! These pictures are adorable and that party looks like it was a blast. LOVE the cake! Nice job!