Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eden is Finally Five!

Eden is the last of her kindergarten buddies to turn five.  She has been obsessed with turning five for the past six months.  She would constantly ask "How many more days?"

Well Bug...Today is the big day!July 2007 134

In honor of your birthday I decided to post some of my favorite pictures of you.  Whenever I try to describe you to others I always say "You just have to experience Eden"  I think these pictures capture who you are....

When you were a baby you could always find trouble to get yourself into.  Now that you are a big kid, when you find trouble you always tell me about it.  You are definitely a "tattle tail" but I like that about you.


You are great at making silly faces.  They always make me laugh.

000_0392 Jes B-day, Ballet, Family Pics 037

Your smile is infectious! When you smile, you smile with your whole soul!

Christmas Day 2006 019000_0321

See what I mean....


You definitely have an opinion about your hair and your wardrobe.  Your personality is reflected by your choices.March 07 036 Jan07 004

June 2007 002

I love how you are always singing and dancing.IMG_3394Disneyland 029 

November 07 097



Everything is new and exciting to you.  Your enthusiasm is contagious!





You are so hilarious...the things you say and the things you do constantly crack me up. August 2007 004

You are so full of life, I can't imagine this world without you.  Everyday I thank Heavenly Father for sending you to me.  You are not only a gift to our family, you are a gift to the world!IMG_0041-1

Happy Birthday Edee Bugs!  I am so happy to be your mommy!



Oh and here's a "shout out"  to my cousin Sam, who so very graciously shares his birthday with Eden.   Happy 13th Birthday Sammy! We love you too!


Monica Kay said...

oh edee bugs...i love you!!!

i am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so (did I mention SO?) excited to come up there for a few days!! I think we'll be there sometime wednesday and leave either sunday or monday. almost a week with my crazy family!!! i think i did a good job of preparing least i hope so!!!

GAH!!! it's my first vacation in MONTHS!!! i'm so excited!!!

Jessica said...

Those pictures REALLY do a good job of capturing that hilarious girl. Glad we get to experience her on a regular basis!

Lindsey said...

That picture of her singing into the microphone looks JUST LIKE YOU! I mean, I COULD BE YOU! It is amazing. With lighter hair her looks are different, but in that picture, it is you! :0

Mahina said...

i know our lala and your edee would be great friends! they sounds so very similar!

and i just have to say that you are beautiful!

happy birthday, edee!

The Hansen Clan said...

Happy Birthday Eden!!! We love you and are so glad we get to have you in our life - you are amazing and I know you will make being 5 years old something truly special.

Melissa-Mc said...

I can tell that girl has a colorful personality.

Happy Birthday Eden!

Lauren in GA said...

She is so adorable! I love all of your pictures...

I giggled at the one where she is dressed as, "Sister Horse" and is looking at the turkey in amazement.

I think it is so cute that you call her, "bug".

Monica Kay said...

you know, i see commercials for design star all the time when i'm watching food network but i've never watched it. and i have a problem watching shows like that halfway through because then i never really get to pick a favorite from the beginning, and then the show isn't nearly as fun to watch. and i will pass along the message to chris. haha. i love you

Ilene said...

I LOVE her cheeks. She is one cute girl. Happy birthday!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Edee! So she was born on Pioneer Day...Logan's Bday is the day before hers. I love her escaping from the crib pic and also the turkey one.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Edee! So she was born on Pioneer Day...Logan's Bday is the day before hers. I love her escaping from the crib pic and also the turkey one.

Meghann said...

I didn't think it was possible that an even cuter Eden existed- but those baby photos are PRECIOUS!

Like Jessica & Ashley, I feel so lucky that we get to enjoy Eden's entertaining personality on a regular basis. Can't wait for tomorrow!