Friday, January 9, 2009

My Hair Diaries...

bad hair1
I have no problem acknowledging that I have bad hair. I'm not sure who I got the bad hair gene from but I've got it. As a result of that unfortunate gene, I've never had a good relationship with my hair. Even as a child I knew it was bad so I would take matters into my own hands...

bad hair5
bad hair4

Growing up my hair seemed  to jump between bad to worse.

bad hair2 bad hair7

When I see these pictures I wonder the depth of love my mom really had for me. Or maybe she just loved me so much she saw past the bad hair and thought I looked beautiful through her mommy eyes. All I know is those were SCHOOL PICTURES! UGH!


My sister, Evelynne, always had good hair. Her school pictures do not reflect the same bad hairdo's year after year like mine do.

scan scan-3
I can't believe I had so many friends, considering the hair handicap I was living with. I must of had a sweet spirit...

bad hair10 BAD HAIR
In high school I was blessed to be right smack in the middle of   the "perms are cool" phase.

bad hair8

Then in college I decided to go long...and I mean long. I still had the perm.

bad hair9  hermanos

But my sister loved me enough to tell me the truth and she took matters into her hands.

ev haircut

As the years have gone on, I have tried a few trendy the Rachel. Which was HIDEOUS on me! I can't find a picture that does that one justice...

Here are a couple of pictures that documented a time when I actually like my hair.

me and kara

(Hey Liz  and Randi, you know who that is I'm hangin on don't you...? Yup that would be Bongo Bri from Guster.)

But unfortunately the combination of climate, hormones and that darn gene means those hairstyles didn't stay cute for long. So over the years I have managed to collect a few hats...

.bad hair11 winter hat
honkey bonk 
ice skating-1 ohio yw
I finally got the point that I accepted my bad fortune and just grew it out just long enough to be able to pull it back. Which is why the majority of the pictures I am in, I look like this...
bad hair12
bad hair13


When I got married I played around with some different hairstyles. I wanted something fun and more special. As you can see, I ended up with plain old boring pulled back hair.

Sometime after Maya was born I decided to go shorter. And so this has been my signature hair cut for the past few years.
my hairIMG_1389 

Well my hair stylist has been bugging me for three years to go short...and I mean short. I couldn't do it. This was how short I would go.

Copy of IMG_0994

Then this week I decided..."to heck with my hair!" And I chopped it all off...and I mean ALL.

At first I liked it because my stylist put in her magic products and fixed it all cute.

Then the next day came when I had to fix it myself. I had second thoughts.


Yesterday I was just plain horrified by my hair.


But today I think it is growing on me.

So this style is yet to be determined as far as where it will find itself in my hair diaries. We'll see how I feel about it tomorrow.
*Oh and just a thought....don't make drastic hair decisions when you are in the middle of a crisis! Doesn't always make for the best judgement...


Jean McKendrick said...

Can I tell you, you crack me up! I think your hair is cute. You have always been cute to me and you have lots of friends because of the person you are not the hair you wear! :)
Don't be afraid to call your hair dresser back and ask her exactly what she used to fix your hair and tips for making it easier for you to do.
Hair grows out so if you don't like it in a month or so grow it out again, that's the beauty of it. You're brave to try a drastic new cut.

Shirley said...

Love the song and love the pictures. Sadly, your younger day pictures bring back similar memories of my own. I think your SHORT hair looks super cute and sassy!

Lindsey said...

Ok, that was HILARIOUS AND ORIGINAL! I have totally been thinking about this lately b/c of facebook and people who put old high school pix on there. The girls with the HUGE CURLY (permed) hair. I was thinking.. man, I must have had a great personality because no one ever said how aweful my hair was, and I had the sAME haircut from 4th grade to when I was a senior, and it was because of my mom, who paid for my haircuts at HER salon.. so, I guess I didn't have a choice?

Anywho, I might have to copy this fab. post idea. PLUS... I LOVE THE NEW HAIR CUT! You can TOTALLY PULL OFF THE 'PIXIE' I wouldn't lie. It might take some getting used to in styling (go make her style it again for you so you can watch more closely without being stunned about your short hair)But, I think it is super cute, and there is NOTHING more conveninent for a new mom. :)

Kara said...

I think it looks great on you...seriously. I've always liked your hair ever since I've known you. You're beautiful inside and out. I have frequently chopped mine off as well and have learned that if you don't love it, it grows back quickly. But you don't need to worry about that, because it looks great! I may be joining you soon because I always have an uncontrollable urge to chop mine off super short when I have a new baby. Something to do with having about 5 minutes to yourself to get ready for the day.

just the five of us said...

I have always thought that your hair was cute! And Ponies make the best Saturday or bumming hairstyle!

The short look is very cute on you. I would look like my mom if I went short EWW... so I don't go short!

Randi said...

Yay for Guster! And your sexy hair. I always thought it looked good, but I guess I knew you in the better days. This post was halarious. And I think I took that picture of you in the baseball cap. I miss living with you.

Mahina said...

first of all, i love all of your younger years pictures. i wish i had mine to share because i think mine would be way worse! i don't have very good hair! i have a high forehead and not very thick hair. so, i feel your pain.

second, i have always wanted to go short like you have done, but never had the guts enough to do it or the husband that would support it! he loves my hair long, but that can get so boring!

i really love your hair short! i liked it before, but i think the short is so fun and sassy! i wish i would be able to just do it! i understand the "next day not knowing how to make it as cute as the stylist dilemna"! happens to me every time!

i finally have my first haircut since moving back in the middle of october. i desperately need it! seeing how cute you are with the short hair sure is a temptation, but i don't think my hubby would be very excited and it would be a bit more drastic for me because my hair is so stinkin' long! maybe i will gather the courage slowly over the next little while, but seriously i want to try it!

you are adorable!

Mrs Ana said...

I love the hair but I'm disappointed you thought your wedding style was boring considering I'm the one who did your hair. I thought I did such a good job!

Lauren in GA said...

I think it looks really great! Of course, I thought some of the looks from the past looked great and you didn't like them. I just think you are so pretty that you can wear your hair any which way. Truly :)

I know what you mean, though...the stylist makes any hairstyle so, so, cute and the next day when I try to re-create the magic I feel doomed.

You look great!! You beautiful girlie, you!

Natalie said...

I loved that whole entire post. I totally wasn't expecting the last little twist. I was just scrolling along thinking to myself "bad hair or not, she is just plain cute." And then came the twist and I literally squealed. With delight. So cute. Seriously. I LOVE it so so so much. It suits you perfectly.

♥Shally said...

You are my idol!

I have wanted to cut my hair short for so long, and just don't dare.

I love it. You look great!

Erin said...

I LOVE IT!!! It looks great on you! Seriously. Perfect for your face.

Also, I second the "don't make a drastic hair decision when in the middle of a crisis". I once went "a little darker" in the midst of a crisis. It was horrifying. Awful. Terrible. You, however, scored big on this one!

Elena said...

Too bad you don't have the couple of pictures of you after you cut it yourself way back when. Even then you looked cute, it was just obvious a 2 & 3 yr. old had done it. I've liked most of your haircuts and your new do is a reflection of your personality; spunky, smart and trendy. Funny, I remember I cut my hair short after your brother was born too. You're are beautiful to me! :)

Melissa-Mc said...

1. Your new doo is TOTALLY cute and you look very cute with short hair.

2. Your "bad hair" really wasn't that bad. It was the years in which they were taken. Why did we perm our hair?

3. That very first young picture of you on the left looks so much like Eden. She is your clone (and with very cute hair).

Becky said...

I've always liked your hair! Never thought of you as a bad hair person. As for the days of the perms...mine always was big and curly and not by choice. I share you hair dilemmas. I really have never like any of my do's. I have been considering, since the back of my head is shaved from surgery (but enough thick, longer hair covering it), maybe I'll go real short. But I'm nervous--since my hair is curly it seems to take forever to grow out and it is hard to control.

As for what the sytlists do, ditto--I can never get it to look like how they did. And as for the new do, I love it!

Meghann said...

Oh my heavens, this post is hilarious. I LOVE your hair cut.

It's because you're so tiny, petite, and minature that you can put it off. You ARE a pixie, so you can totally pull of th pixie do.

I hope you don't mind, I even had to show Adam your adolescent photos. I'll admit he chuckled a bit. :) We love you Jess!

Bridget said...

I have had some horrible hair myself. Really, really bad. Yours doesn't even come close. I do love your short haircut. It is so trendy and cute. You have a great face to pull it off with too! yeah for you!!

AMY said...

You haven't seen many of my pictures growing up. My parents tried to give me a Joe-Dirt style mullet. I can't wait to get a look at the new hair up close and personal.

Laurie said...

Hey Jessica,

I've been checking in on you since Jessica Romney referenced you at Thanksgiving (she's my old BYU roommate; from a long time ago, not that she's old). Gotta tell you I love the short hair! You are so tiny it looks great on you.

And your family it so darling, I'm having fun stalking. Loved the leg lamp decoration! So anyway, nice to meet you.

Ilene said...

Honestly, I think you look gorgeous.

Natalie said...

Jessica, I thought of you today when I went to Target. They had 75% off of most of their toys. I got some of the most AMAZING deals. I am done with Crayton's b-day (tons of Magnetics $20 down to $6), Crue's b-day ($90 train set for $19) and any birthday party that my kids get invited to in the next year (or two) will also be covered. All for about $100. I'm telling you. AMAZING. I don't know anyone else who cares about bargains like i do, so i am telling you. You know how you have to tell someone...? Today, you're my lucky someone. xoxo

Leah said...

You are a gorgeous babe and have GREAT hair. I love your hair. You have the pretty face for any 'do. And your 80's hair pictures are even good (way better than mine at least). And your new haircut fits your fun personality and shows off your pretty face. Enjoy it and flaunt it, I say!

calibosmom said...

HOW DID I MISS THIS POST? I am all about hair since mine is sooo annoying! I can totally relate to your hair woes! I LOVE YOUR NEW CUT. You made the plunge before me and I'm glad it looks good on you-there may be hope for me. I CANNOT believe you are with Bongo Bri. I'm crazy jealous. You have great hair and great taste in music. Too sexy!

Bethany said...

I love it! The hair looks fabulous on you. It always takes a few days to get used to hair changes. I loved the post too- awesome surprise ending and fund pictures along the way!