Sunday, January 25, 2009

Do you know what today is?

Today is my 1 year BLOGGAVERSARY! Yes my friends, it has been exactly one year since I started my blog. I missed my 100th post because it happened while we were in South Carolina . Since I missed it I had grand ideas of what I would do for this special occasion...a give away, a quiz, a poem...but instead you get this.

My top 11 favorite posts. They are in no particular order...Before reading the post, see if you can answer the question.

#1 Mission Impossible

What was Aric's mission?

#2 Late Lonely Nights + HSN = Unnecessary Purchases

What were the purchases?

#3 What's a Boh-Bah?

So what is a boh-bah?

#4 Lemons and Lemonade and Our Lemonade

These are two separate posts that for obvious reasons go together. If you don't know what my lemonade is then you are reading the wrong blog.

#5 A Boh-Bah Sighting

Where was the sighting?

#6 The Fiesta that wasn't...

What was the message that we didn't get?

#7 Put a fork in me...I'm done!

One crazy week, try to remember one of the crazy things I did that week.

#8 Tag I'm it.

If I had no morals and unlimited amounts of money what would I be doing right now?

#9 Holding on and letting go...

What was the song that answered my prayer?

#10 Aric's Birthday Party

What did he get from the Jenkins?

#11 Eden's Tag

What was Eden wearing in this photo shoot?

This year has been one of the most eventful in my life. Being able to document this journey and share it with all of you has been such a great blessing. I had so much fun going back and reading about my life this past year. Besides having all of these events documented the best part about having this blog is the "friend factor" I have made some wonderful new friends through blogging and I have been able to get back in touch with old ones.

So fasten your seatbelts, put your seats forward in their full upright positions and lock your table never know what this years ride is going to be like...


Lindsey said...

I love looking back on a year of blogging. Actually, I love that I am just keeping track of my life a little bit, and maybe someday it will be a small glimpse into my life and thoughts. Thanks for sharing with us! It has been a crazy year!

The Hansen Clan said...

I love that all of those questions were easy for me to answer :) Thanks for letting me enjoy the journey with you and your cute family.

Shirley said...

You are so fun and funny! I really loved your TAG blog. So glad we were able to "meet" through your blog! Have a wonderful week!

Natalie said...

I am glad that i found your blog. it is always one of my bright spots. You have such a strong, happy, dignified, spirit. Thanks for sharing it with me!

happy bloggaversary!!!

Jenny Erazo said...

Well happy bloggaversary to you! It is nice that we can be far away and still see what is happening in eachothers lives!

Leah said...

I have to say that you are 100% completely responsible for the fact that I have a blog! I really didn't know anything about blogging until you told me about it. I admire you and Lindsey W. both for being able to express yourself on your blogs. Something my kids' teachers call "voice" in their writing assignments. I haven't gotten there quite yet, but you inspire me.

Ilene said...

And to think I was there for the very beginning.

I'm so proud, really.

Melissa-Mc said...

Happy Bloggaversary. It was your Lemons & Lemonade post that brought me to your blog.

just the five of us said...

Happy Bloggaversary! I am so glad I can keep in touch with you through blogging! I would of died without you in Washington too...The Dolans still live there and none of the girls are married.

Bridget said...

Happy blogaversary to you! Celebrate big!

Lauren in GA said...

Happy Bloggaversary!!!!!!!! I love reading about your life!

I love that blogging has allowed me to meet you ☺

calibosmom said...

So glad I found my long lost twin through the Blogosphere! Happy Blogday to you my new friend! I remembered some of the answers to the questions but I have a HORRIBLE memory-I got the bad memory gene.

Kricket said...

I am a friend of Ilene and I follow your blog on occasion. I am SO happy for you that you got your lemonade. From what I know you and your cute family desire all the happiness in the world. Camden is adorable. Enjoy those all night snuggle parties because they go away ALL to soon.

Elena said...

Happy bloggerversary Jess. Although I know you really enjoy doing it, our family has been the lucky recipient of all your hard work. Keep up the blogging. I'm going to go to tia Ines's house one of these days soon to show her how to leave a comment. I know she really likes looking & reading. xoxox