Saturday, January 24, 2009

Big Girl Stuff

My girls are growing up. I know this but I try not to think about it too much or it makes me sad. There are little things that go down everyday that show me just how grown up they are.

For example...Eden cut herself the other day. So I grabbed some Neosporin and a Dora band aid and called it good. The next day before school Eden asked if she could take off the Dora band aid and I didn't think much of it and let her take it off. Later that day I noticed her cut was bleeding so I told her we needed to put another band aid on it. She said that it couldn't be a Dora one, she wanted a plain one....WHAT!


That was only the beginning...

Both girls have been wanting to get her ears pierced. I kept putting them off. Then I had them watch the John and Kate plus 8 episode when Maddy got her ears pierced hoping that watching Maddy scream like a banchee would cure them from the desire. After watching it Maya decided that she would wait until she was at least nine to pierce her ears. But my Eden still wouldn't let it go. So then I told her she had to earn half the money and that we would do it in February. Well when she got 10 bucks from Tio Rico for Christmas she had enough money to do it.

So yesterday I called to find out if there would be two girls at the store so that they could do both ears at once. I found out there would be two people until 6pm. So we rushed over there just to find out the "other" girl had a "family emergency" and had to leave her shift early. I told Eden that she had to wait one more day if she wanted them done at the same time. She said "Mom, I'll do it tonight, I can handle it."


So we did it...first we had to pick out the earrings. Her first choice were the fake diamonds the size that all the NBA players wear. I had to break the news to her that little girls didn't wear them that big so she had to get the 3mm bling instead.

This is my brave girl with no holes in her ears.


This my brave girl getting prep'd. She was very pleased with how everything was cleaned thoroughly before they began.


Maya holding Edee's hand for support. (The whole time Maya was saying stuff like: "It's okay if you cry Eden...It's going to hurt so bad...I'm so nervous for you...I can't watch!") Seriously I finally had to tell her to stop talking.


She had to count, "one...two...THREE!" and on three it was done.


She didn't even flinch!


Now for the next one. I was a little worried how this one was gonna go, now that she knew what to expect. She had to count to three again. This time she hesitated when she got to three.


This is her face when she looked in the mirror...


My newly pierced five year old.



Is that big girl stuff or what!


Ilene said...

Impressed with the cleaning of the lobes?

She is so your daughter.

Why not go for the ultra bling? The girl knows what she wants.

Eden has such a sweet face.

Jean McKendrick said...

What a brave, beautiful little girl.

Lindsey said...

Seriously Big Girl.. WOW. I did that to Abby at two and had to take them out because she would pull them out, and when I would try to put them back in she would SCREAM!!!! I told her 8 Years Old. We shall see! That is coming up!

calibosmom said...

Oh my goodness, too cute! SHe is adorable and what a big girl. Hannah has to wait until she is 11. Thats how old I was so I just figured thats what I'd tell her.

Mahina said...

what a good mom! i am sticking to my guns on this one! i was 12 when i was allowed to have my ears pierced and that is when our girls will be able to get theirs pierced!

they do look so adorable, however! i'm sure they are loving their new bling! they were so brave! i just laugh that Eden got her's done first, only because that is totally how our first girls are. Kale'a is the brave-nothing-phases-her girl, while nani is a bit more unsure about things! our girls would be such great friends!

Lauren in GA said...

A plain band-aid...not a Dora one? It is the end of an era ;)

I love the picture of the girls holding hands before the piercing. I also laughed at how you had to ask Maya to stop talking.

I also got a giggle out of her picking out som NBA ball player bling at first. ☺