Monday, July 9, 2012

Eden's Third Grade Highlights

So Eden's year started off a little rough. I was...I mean she was nervous about her teacher. We had heard some unpleasant things about her, like that she was the meanest teacher and that she yelled at the kids. Eden came home a wreck for the first few weeks. I went in to visit with her teacher one afternoon just to see for myself what she was like. I have to admit at first I was caught off guard and thought she was a bit abrasive but the more I got to know her I realized that she was a fantastic teacher. I explained to Eden how not all teachers are warm and fuzzy and that she can't take it personally. Eden ended up having a very sweet relationship with her teacher and she was pushed and it was good for her.

First I have to share the first day of school picture vs. last day. Eden insisted on wearing the same outfit!   

She is such a nut...

Now here are some highlights:

Crazy Hair Day

Winning two awards for the VFW essay she wrote

When the Native American Ron Wilson came to visit. 
We heard about him coming for weeks, she always referred to him as Ron Wilson the REAL Native American. So when I went to help out on the day of his all day presentation I was a little shocked when I saw this very Caucasian looking guy. I have to say he did know his stuff even if he is like 1/16th Native American.

Here's Ede's touching the porcupine hide. He freaked everyone out by telling a story of how one kid rubbed his hand the wrong direction after being told many times how to do it and the kid ended up in the hospital with 32 quills in his hand! 

After Eden did it I had to give it a try...

Walk A Thon Baby!!
 I am not a huge fan of this event because it's usually freezing cold on the day they do it. This year we lucked out, the sun came out. This picture cracks me up because she looks just like me...that is totally a face that I make.

C wanted to participate too! So he ran it with Eden...she was a good big sister to let him tag along. At one point she was carrying him on her back!

And of course...The Titanic
Sadly they didn't let parents participate this year and equally sad is our dress ups were all packed up in the storage unit where I couldn't reach them so we this is the best we could come up with for her costume. She was the same passenger as Maya was...I will have to go look up that post to remember who it was :)

She also loved the Tae Kwan Do unit they did in PE but I don't have pictures of that because they are stuck on my old phone. 

Here are a couple of her favorite projects that she did. I promised to take a picture them and post them and only then would she let me throw them away.

Eden is one smart cookie. She is blessed to have the ability to learn things quickly. But she tends to be a little lazy when it comes to doing her assignments. By the end of the year her teacher had Eden doing great because she expected more from her. Her teacher was also very helpful when it came to Eden emotionally handling the move and losing GK. In the end I think Eden had a great year and she got exactly the teacher she needed.


Rochelleht said...

Such a CUTE girl!!!! What a wonderful year she had.

Lauren in GA said...

I love that she wanted to wear the same outfit on the first and last day. She has serious style...and now I have to confess what a geek I am. I thought that she had a tiny colorful vest on in the pictures...and then I realized that the colorful fabric was her backpack straps over her shoulders.

I love her artwork. You are so smart to take pictures of it.

Hey...I love the new font. IT is crisp and clear! :)