Friday, July 6, 2012

Excuse the back post interruption...Our Fourth was Eventful

Fourth of July 2012...the day we learned how to "Come What May and Love It"

I cannot even begin to tell you the joy that I had realizing that I was going to be able to spend the Fourth of July with my little family in this city that I love so much. I have been anticipating it forever, long before I ever thought I was going to live here with them.

So I got my little Boston Harborfest Broucher and planned our festivities. We were going to head down to the state house so we could here the Declaration of Independence being read from the actual place it was read 200 some odd years ago. But instead a crazy rain storm came in and we missed it. It's okay though, there was still plenty to do and see. So we headed to my aunt's house and had lunch, played some games and decided to go to the park to kill some time before we headed back into the city to tour the USS Constitution and fort Independence.

While we were at the park another crazy down pour happened. The kids didn't mind, it was warm and it actually felt good. Aunt Carolyn and Roscoe were having fun on the dizzy seats, Maya was climbing a rope net, C was doing monkey bars and Eden was swinging and jumping off the swings.

Eden really wanted me to see her jump off one more time. I really didn't want to. We were getting wet and I wanted to take shelter. But since most of the answers to Eden's questions are "No" I decided this time to say "yes"....I actually had this conversation in my mind before answering her. So I watched her pump back and forth and I kept saying "That's high enough!" She didn't listen. Finally when she was as high as she could get, she hurled herself out of the swing. Her brand new white flip flop hit the rubber ground with a giant slip and her right arm caught her body weight. She let out an "OW" and stayed, non moving, on the ground. I saw the whole darn thing. I was hoping and praying against all hope that she was all right. I kept telling her it would be fine...but I was really just trying to convince myself. I knew she was hurt bad.

So we went back and dropped off Maya and C at Aunt Carolyn's and Roscoe's and headed to the hospital. Eden was crying harder by the minute but I still kept praying that it wasn't as bad as it seemed. I texted some loved ones and asked for them to start praying too.

We waited and waited. The nurses and doctor were super nice and it seemed like they were all thinking the same was broken. Aric and I are staying totally calm but freaking out on the inside because we realize that our insurance on the kids is not in effect yet.

I pray even harder that by some miracle it isn't broken. Four x-rays later we find out IT'S NOT BROKEN! It is badly sprained and bruised to the bone but not broken. It is a miracle.

So Edee is in a sling and she is in quite a bit of pain that we have to monitor with otc pain relievers but it should be feeling a lot better after a week. All she was worried about was missing the fireworks. We were at the hospital for the rest of the afternoon so we missed the other activities we had planned. Nobody cared at this point, we were all so relieved that she was okay.

After the hospital we went and caught up with the rest of the family at Jamaica favorite place to run out here...and fed the ducks and skipped rocks.

We had dinner at "The Old Pizza Place" and then off to the Esplanade for the concert and the fireworks.

The kids were happy to take the train and they didn't even seem to mind the long walk to the park. We noticed some lightning along the way but didn't think much of it. But as we got to the entrance of the park we noticed people leaving in droves. Finally I asked someone and they said the show was being postponed for 30 min but it will probably be cancelled because the storm is getting close. Aric made an executive decision at that point and said "Nope. we are not sticking around". Later we found out that they evacuated the place but eventually let the show go on in a down pour.

We got back to the car saw fireworks from neighboring cities all the way home. We got home just in time to watch the Boston ones on TV. Camden was actually asleep by the time we got home so he missed those ones.

We watched the news that followed and found out that three people were hit by lightning close to where we were earlier that day and were treated at the same ER Eden was at!

We are so grateful for Aunt Carolyn and Roscoe who spent their day off with us, the poor souls had no idea that by choosing to spend the day with us they were jumping on the crazy train...C has officially claimed them as part of his entourage. He keeps asking to go to their house :)

This goes down as the craziest fourth ever, not even close to what I had hoped for all these years but whatevs...we are getting good at "coming what may and loving it."


Rachel said...

We are soooo happy that Eden's arm is not broken!! The kids were very excited to see pics of her in her sling:) That is definitely a crazy 4th! I'm glad ours was less eventful this year than last so that's something to look foward to. Next year will be soooo much better! Love the Come what May and love it!:)

Rachel said...

We are soooo happy that Eden's arm is not broken!! The kids were very excited to see pics of her in her sling:) That is definitely a crazy 4th! I'm glad ours was less eventful this year than last so that's something to look foward to. Next year will be soooo much better! Love the Come what May and love it!:)

Natalie said...

Poor baby girl. And poor daddy too. That pic of Aric made me feel sad for him. Sorry the 4th wasn't every dream all rolled up into one delightful day. Glad you found the silver lining though:). Love to you!!!

calibosmom said...

WHEW! A Fourth to remember for sure! You can see the worry in Aric's face-I'm sure it was tense for awhile but I'm glad Eden is ok and you had fun in the end.

Lauren in GA said...

I love your superb attitude of, "coming what may and loving it".

I am so happy your prayers were answered and that Eden's arm wasn't broken...sorry she was in such pain, though.

I have had that happen to me see the whole accident in slow motion and you are powerless to stop it. Kid injuries always seem to happen in slow motion around here.

Your Aunt Carolyn and Roscoe look so cute on those dizzy seats. That picture is so fun.

I am having trouble reading your new font. Do you think it is my computer? I love the new layout, though! I want to paint a room in my house that color.

Rochelleht said...

Oh my gosh! That is crazy!! I am so glad she's not seriously hurt, but how scary. KNOCK ON WOOD- We have never had broken bones in this family. Hopefully, that is always the case.