Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Love My Sox...And Liz

I know I have professed my undying love for the Red Sox many times. It's been a long love affair. It takes a person of great compassion and a strong heart to be a fan. I was beyond excited to take in a game at Fenway with Aric...something I can now cross off my bucket list. The only thing that could have taken this experience over the top was to go with my AMAZING friend Liz and her husband Matt who now happens to be one of my amazing friends too:)

I do not even know how to describe this friendship and do it justice. Because truth be told, we found each other through blogging four and a half years ago. Over those four years we have both been through a lot we have found strength, support and laughs in each other that has bonded us forever. Strange as it sounds this dear friend and I had spent years communicating back and forth but had never met in person until this night. The stars were aligned and it was magical...

It was the perfect weather. You never know this time of year and in this part of the country but it was warm and lovely. 

We had the best time watching the game and chatting about everything under the sun. Aric and Matt made friends with a bunch of single ladies behind us.

No pictures of the ladies they were flirting with but Matt did get a picture of this special fan...

And I had to get the Green Monstah...isn't she a beauty.

 Aric and Matt were totally okay with me and Liz being on a date. They were awesome third and fourth wheels.

 I told you the stars were aligned because my precious Sox even won the game!

 This is what the subway looked like when we were trying to get on the train to get home. It was insanity!

Other than the crazy train ride home it was the best time. 
(we got stuck on a train with some drunk Celtic fans, Aric was very kind to them...I was not)

Matt took this ridiculous picture of me and Liz after the game on the way to the train and it captures our lovefest perfectly.

 It was such a bittersweet night, after all these years of being apart, I was so excited to finally be moving close to her (even if it was only going to be for a few months) but then fate would have it that she and Matt are moving to Utah and she left the week I got to Boston. It's heartbreaking but at least we get to enjoy Matt for a couple more months and maybe, just maybe we will be reunited this fall in Utah if all goes as we hope. 


Lindsey said...

It is so fun to see your blogging faces together! Love it! :)

calibosmom said...

So incredibly fun! Let's make it an annual thing. You, me & a Red Sox game. The boys can come too I guess...

Lauren in GA said...

I have watched your love blossom from afar over that few years. I remember when she sent Camden that little Sox outfit. SO NEAT that you got to be together face to face. Liz seems like such a great person. I love it when blog friends get to meet face to face. I have only met Andrea face to face and it was FANTASTIC.