Monday, September 17, 2012

Children's Museum

Boston has an amazing Children's Museum. On Friday nights they let you in for $1.00! So we boarded the Red Line and off we went. The kids LOVE riding the T...too bad C fell asleep on the way to the station...

We got off at South Station and walked over to the museum. We stopped and checked out the boat at the Boston Tea Party Museum.

Behind the fam is the Children's Museum. Do you see Arthur on the top? My kids love Arthur and the author lives in Hingham, where we go to church, so there is a huge area devoted to Arthur.

What ISN'T cool about a giant milk bottle??

It was so great how there was something for all of the kids...

Eden wore a green shirt so we lost her :)

The girls loved the Doll House Display, it made us think of Grandma Marion...

Aric couldn't help himself, he had to share with the girls what he was learning at school...

In honor of the Olympics, they had a hat making station...I'm sure we would have fit in with the British with our fancy hats.

The climbing wall was a big hit with the girls, Camden preferred playing basketball...

This is the wildest climbing thing I've ever seen! It started at the first floor and went up to the third floor. Camden was so excited to try it out, but once he got in it, he was so claustrophobic with all the kids in there that he screamed and I had to try and get him out. It was so sad.

He liked this activity much pull your body weight and he rocked it.

Camden's other favorite place was the grocery store...he was the clerk for all the girls. It was hilarious.

This photo op was too funny to pass up!

We had such a great time. We were there for almost three hours!!!

The best part was that Aric was able to join us. Most of the time it's just me and the kids on outings because he has to go to class and study.

We had dinner at South Station. One of the funnest places in the city to people watch. We had some Regina's pizza and then headed home. This picture is of Camden at South Station telling me "No more pictures of me mom!"..."Whatever C", was my response.


Dave and Ash said...

Crazy-- when I read your comment I had to go back and read what I wrote because I think it would be awesome to photograph funerals! I didn't write that, though, so I guess we are just both cool and have good ideas.

calibosmom said...

BIG PAPI!!! A great museum! We went their often when the kids were younger. Never ate at Regina's pizza though-another missed opportunity.

Lauren in GA said...

What an awesome museum!!

I love how Camden is rocking the checkout station. He knows what he is doing. It looks like he is checking out other kids...not just his sisters. He is so awesome. ☺

scott davidson said...

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