Monday, September 10, 2012

Hill Cumorah Trip...Day Three

Before we headed for home the kids really wanted to go back to the Sacred Grove and the Smith Family Farm. 

We were told about a very special tree called the "Adversity Tree" in the Sacred Grove. Early in that trees life something happened to it and it split in two but instead of dying it grew separately for a bit and then grew back together. We heard about it after we went the first time so we really wanted to go and find it.

We also went back to the Hill Cumorah because the night before it was closed by the time we got there for the pageant. So we made sure to get up there before we left.

The view from the top of the Hill. It is pretty amazing that all of this is in the middle of nowhere! 

We decided to go 30 minutes out of our way to see the Peter Whitmer farm. It is in Fayette, NY. Such a neat spirit there. This is where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was organized.

As badly as I wanted to just get home I couldn't pass up the opportunity knowing we would probably not be out this way again. It's completely out in the middle of nowhere...and I mean NOWHERE! But I am so so glad we did it.

I know these travel posts are kind of lame for blog readers but for posterity it needs to be documented. I had some really special moments with my kids on this trip. Both girls had their own spiritual experiences but Maya specifically had some very huge testimony building experiences and I got to be there to watch it happen. I know she will remember these things. I made sure both girls had journals that they wrote in each day so they could record things they didn't want to forget. We have done Disneyland and other beach trips with the kids and it was definitely fun and worthwhile, but I will tell you that the effort, the time and the money it took to make this trip happen was so worth it. Disney and the beach are fun but trips like this are life changing and testimony building. We plan on going back someday when C is older so he can have his own special experiences.


Rochelleht said...

I LOVE that place. Both. The Whitmer farm is amazing. So is the Sacred Grove. SO glad your kids got to experience them. There is nothing like your kids having those spiritual experiences.

calibosmom said...

We call this the Peter Shweatmer farm. So beautiful but SO HOT!!! Glad you had a great time and definately worth the drive and sweat!

Lauren in GA said...

I am not kidding. I am so grateful that you are posting about these experiences because it has inspired me to go to these places with my boys. I told Mike that I wanted to go before Evan leaves on his mission. He is only in 10th grade but I want us to go soon.

I am taking seriously, I am.