Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Parks and Rec

In an earlier post I mentioned how this summer has turned into "Mommy Camp". The two things we do the most are swimming and park playing...

We are so lucky to have both an indoor pool and an outdoor pool at our complex so we spend a ton of time in the water...

I took this picture the very first time we went swimming. He was so ridiculous, he would only sit on the edge with his life jacket.

It didn't take him long to get comfortable, soon he was swimming without the life jacket but right next to the girls in the shallow end.

Then he was on his own in the shallow end...The next thing I knew he was doing handstands and swimming like a fish!

The indoor pool is a little deeper so we like him to still have on his life jacket but as of last night he doesn't need that anymore either. That crazy kid was trying to swim laps! Maya has become a total swimmer. It has been so fun to watch her improve her form and time. She wants to swim on a team so badly. As soon as we are out of here we are getting her on one.

This is his buddy Julian. Julian is a year older than C, they have become quite close these two.

This is Alex. She was the lifeguard at the outdoor pool. We have gotten to know her quite well over the summer. She is from Macedonia. The kids loved her and she loved them. It was sad to say goodbye.

Parks are my best friend out here. We have a couple favorites that we like to go to. There is one close by (Faxon Park) that we have lunch at all the time.

Their next favorite park is what they call the "Rainbow Park" in Jamaica Plain. We go there when we visit Aunt Carolyn and Roscoe.

Since our apartment is so tiny...have I mentioned it's only 970 sqft...we get cabin fever quite often. I am so grateful to have such fun places to go that are free!

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Lauren in GA said...

That is so awesome that you have an indoor pool, too.

Camden is so athletic!!!