Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Plimouth Plantation...and no I didn't misspell it.

There is so much to see and do here in Massachusetts. The library is awesome because it provides free/discounted tickets to museums and other cool stuff in the area. We got very discounted tickets to Plimouth Plantation which is where they have recreated how the pilgrims and the Native Americans would have lived back when they first arrived here. Everyone that works here is in full character at all times. They spell it differently from Plymouth so that people won't get confused between the actual city and this recreated place. 

First we went to the Native American village. We saw how they lived. This summer house was home to 12-14 family members.

We got to see the types of toys the kids played with.

We got to see how they burned trees to hollow them out to make boats...

...we actually got to see a little more than the boat making, but it is history so it's all good.

Then we headed to where the pilgrims lived. I wish I had taken more pictures, it was amazing...and crazy hot!

This guy had C mesmerized. His accent, his awesome outfit, his sweat drenched hair, and of course his sword.

The people literally walked around as if it were 1620, talking about how they just got off the boat. They were out in their gardens harvesting, cleaning their homes, hand stitching clothes, chopping wood, tending to their animals...it was so crazy!

The kids loved seeing the goats..

There was a hands on play area inside the museum. The kids made us a feast and Camden was a serious poser.

Just down the road was Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower. 

The Mayflower...not the original Mayflower II.

Here are some shots from the inside. This is the captain's bed, everyone else slept on cots...weird stain, the kids thought someone wet the bed.

This next shot was purely for the people in the background. That girl was so overdressed for Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower. This picture doesn't even do it justice but Aric made me take a picture...

Three minutes after this picture was taken it started pouring rain...like a torrential downpour. It was insane. We hung out under a tree for awhile waiting for it to let up so we could make a brake for the car but we eventually just went for it and got drenched. We had so much fun and learned a ton. Thanks to our discounted tickets it only cost us around $35 total, had we not had them it would have been over $100!!! 


calibosmom said...

You are doing more stuff then I did when I lived there. Never got to Plymouth-guess I'll just have to go when I visit next.

Lauren in GA said...

What an awesome place!! I love it when people stay in character like that. That man even kept in character for the picture. I would love to work in a place like that.

Camden's pose on the ship is perfect. He's so awesome. The cocktail dress at the Mayflower. Fannnncy!