Sunday, November 16, 2008

Highlights from the past couple of weeks

The past few weeks have been unusually busy. I've been helping my sister with some of her home improvement projects, and I forgot to take pictures...too bad. But things are looking good!
Last week I had to make a quick trip home for a funeral a dear family friend. She was my friend Melissa's mom and one of my youth leaders growing up. She battled cancer for many years. Her funeral was beautiful and it gave me a chance to reunite with many dear friends that I hadn't seen for years. In her passing she gave us a gift of renewing many friendships. I was able to reunite with one of my partners in crime growing up...Liza. For posterity's sake I will not post all of the trouble we got ourselves into. But I love her and I am so excited to be in touch again.

So this picture is like the worst quality ever I had to steal it off of her facebook because she still hasn't e-mailed me a copy of it.

Since there was no school on Veteran's Day, I let Maya and Eden have two of their favorite friends over for a VERY LONG play date. Maya and Elsa have been friends since they were two and Eden and Kate have been buddies since they were born.

Here they are dressed up as fairies...


On Wednesday I was able to go with Maya and her third grade class to see Peter Pan that a local children's theater put on. Edee tagged along too and we had a great time.


On Saturday we took the girls to see High School Musical 3. Aric is such a good sport. I'm pretty sure he was the only dad there. It was so fun to watch the girls faces during the movie. When Gabrielle and Troy finally kissed I thought Maya was going to die of embarrassment. Eden just covered her eyes and giggled. For paybacks Aric expects me to refer to him as "Wildcat" from now on.
(Look closely and you can see Eden's awesome outfit she picked out for the movie, aren't you lovin' those cheetah leggings. What you can't see is her black dress, hot pink cardigan, and those leggings were capri length so she wore black tights under them and then she wore her matching cheetah shoes. She and Maya both Sharpay would put it.... FABULOUS!)

And the biggest highlight of this week was FINALLY getting up on parent profiles. It is the number one adoption website out there. It took quite a bit of work to get all the paper work together and get all of our information and pictures up, but it is done.  It felt good to actually do something that could, hopefully, get us closer to finding our baby. This waiting business is not good for someone who lacks patience the way I do. Keep your eyes and ears open, who knows, maybe one of faithful readers, is the link to finding our little guy.


Mahina said...

oh how i wish i could have seen ALL of Eden's outfit! it does sound fabulous!

i just have to say that i adore your girls! the are so beautiful!

i hope and pray that your little guy isn't too far from joining your family!

Jean McKendrick said...

Cute picture of you and Liza. I recently caught up with her on facebook, it is good to see "old" friends again.
You sound like you had a busy but fun filled week. Peter Pan and High School Musical all in one week, what more could a girl ask for. :) I haven't seen High School Musical 3 yet but I heard it is cute. I am set to see Twlight Friday night.

♥Shally said...

Zach went with us to see HSM3 also... I kept hearing "Oh boy..." coming from his seat! :)

The kids loved it though...

And-- your bathroom looks AWESOME!! Good job!

Jenny Erazo said...

Busy Girl! You and Liza haven't aged a bit! You guys both look great. My girls loved HSM 3 too. I think I am ok with them graduating and moving on though. You daughters are beautiful and look like so much fun...but why would they be anything less with a mom as cool as you! How far are you from Logan?

Ilene said...

Waiting stinks. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers!

In the meantime, your girls are adorable. Of course they are so stylish; look at their mother.

Natalie said...

I'm always on the lookout for the next member of your amazing little family. I'll keep it up:). In the meantime, keep making all of the amazing memories with your ADORABLE little monkeys. They'll never forget the night that daddy took them to HS musical 3:). What a trooper. I won't even take my kids to see it because having it on in the house is bad enough but the thought of being in a theatre where I can't escape makes me feel really nervous!

Melissa-Mc said...

My daughter and I dragged our entire family to HSM3. My brother is an extra in it, so that is how we baited them into coming.

Elena said...

What fun adventures. Your girls are definitely blessed. Waiting on the Lord is hard. As much as I have tried to be patient during my trials, it has been hard for me too, especially when it is something as righteous as yours. I know He loves you and knows your anguish.
As Natalie said; enjoy your girls while you can and I add a good night sleep. As they say "anything worth having is worth waiting for"
We love you, are on the lookout & will keep you in our prayers.

Bridget said...

Unfortunately the plus side of funerals is that you do get to see friends you wouldn't normally see. Good for you for letting your kids have a long playdate on a day off!

AMY said...

Captain Cook's costume is awesome! WOW!

I wouldn't expect anything else from spunky Ede. Any Maya, of course, looks adorable.

I'm so excited things are taking off from Parent Profiles.

Lauren in GA said...

I will keep my eyes and ears open for your little man. I think of you often, I truly do. :)

I loved the cheetah leggins. Your girls have major style!

I also enjoyed that Aric wants you to call him, "Wildcat". I think at the next church activity you should call to him across a crowded room, "Oh, Willlldcaaaat...I found us a seat over heeeeeere!"