Friday, November 21, 2008

My Husband...

I was tagged by my friend Ky to do a "husband tag". This tag couldn't have come at a better time... I need blogging material. I was also tagged by Leah F. but I'm saving that tag because I am in a rut so I will do that one in a couple of days.
This is Aric, my husband.
5  things Aric loves to do...
1.   Play PS2 Football. We have strict rules about his playing so it doesn't happen as often as he would like.                          
2.   Play football with his friends even when it's like 10 degrees outside. In fact he is playing right now, at least it's indoors tonight.
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3.   Watch football...NFL, arena,college, high school...
4.   Go to concerts. We both love to do this, if only we had the same taste in music.
5.   Go out on dates with me.

5  things on his "to do" list...
Aric doesn't have a "to do" list for himself, but I have one for him.
1.   Hang up Christmas lights.
2.   Clean the master bathroom.
3.   Bring his clean shirts up from the laundry room and hang them nicely in the closet.
4.   Clean up his desk.
5.   Finish cleaning up the's almost done!

5  of his favorite foods...
1.   Spaghetti, but the girls and I don't like it so he makes it for himself.
2.   Steak....medium please.
3.   Crem Brule...another thing I don't make, thank heaven's we have a friend that does. (Ashley)
4.   Cocoa Puffs.
5.   BBQ Ribs. He got the secret recipe from my step dad, Joe, and then he and his buddy, Mike, have perfected the cooking process.



5 things people don't know about him...
1.   He knows every stat, on every player, in every sport. It's pretty amazing.
2.   He likes to create recipes. He makes a mean tomato soup.
3.   He has an addiction to neck ties.
4.   He has a collection of silly t-shirts that is worthy of its own post.
5.   Mullets make him laugh...especially little kid mullets.

5 things he doesn't like....
1.   When people say they are going to do something then don't follow through.
2.   Cleaning bathrooms...basically any household chore.
3.   Putting up Christmas lights. Heights.
4.   When men get hair plugs.
5.   the Indigo Girls brings out the worst in him.

So there you have it. I changed the format a little to make sure I highlighted who Aric really is.


Lindsey said...

Hmmmm, the only problem with this is that I will have to clear it all past him so I don't get in trouble!!! :)

Jessica said...

So I'm voting for ribs instead of turkey on Thanksgiving. What do you say?

AMY said...

Mike doesn't like men with hair plugs... but I do.

We love the famous ribs too. Thanks for the recipe... but I'll keep that hush hush so you don't get bombarded with requests.

Aric, I like spaghetti too... but Mike doesn't. So maybe you can make me so sometime.

Bridget said...

This was really funny. What does the Indigo Girls do for him that is so bad? :)

I'll have to do this one, thanks.

Melissa-Mc said...

Mullets mystify and sometimes even anger me. I'm glad he can laugh at them.

Natalie said...

i've never been tagged before. I'm honored:). I'll do it. yea!!!

Ilene said...

I LOVE how you have a to do list for him. Us wives gotta keep them in line, right?

Lauren in GA said...

I loved this ☺! That is a great action shot of him playing football!

I have a "honey-do" list for my husband. It is just my way of helping him feel needed ;)