Thursday, November 6, 2008



Last Sunday my little nephew Max Evan was blessed. In my church it is very similar to a christening.


I love how my family supports each other at such events. This was just a portion of our big family. Whoever could make it was there.

Growing up it was getting up early to go watch my brothers wrestle all day. As we got older there were tennis matches, choir and band concerts, football games, school plays, and graduations. Now as grown ups it's baptisms and baby blessings. I love it!



I just love this little guy. I know he was meant to come to our family at this time. I so hope that my little guy will come soon so that Max has a buddy to grow up with. With all the girls in our family he is totally outnumbered. He will need a buddy to play cars with and wrestle with. Dress ups just aren't gonna cut it.

IMG_1778 IMG_1784

Maya and Eden just love little Max. We are all about nick names in our family and Eden decided that "Maxy" was to girlish so she calls him Max-o.


During the meeting Maya was busy drawing one-eyed monsters. So this is her after church showing me the picture while Eden acted like a one-eyed monster. Papa Joe doesn't look too scared.


I am so glad that we have family that lives close enough that they can make these special occasions. It makes them even that more special. I'm still basking in the togetherness of Maya's baptism. To those of you who weren't here...yeah Tia Ana, I'm talking about you and the were definitely missed. But don't worry I gave Max lots of extra kisses just for you! 



And a very special acknowledgment to my ever funny husband, Aric. Who no matter what, can find some way to be obnoxious and make us all laugh....even at a baby blessing.


Lindsey said...

Max-o (thank you for not calling him Maxi- It is the primary reason we didn't name our own Jaxon, MAX. ) is sooooooooooooooo stinkin' cute. WOW! He is one cutie pie... and Aric.. he looks like he is right headed for the pulpit.. BISHOP.

AMY said...

Your family is all so cute. So like Maya to quietly express herself through art and Ede to act it all out.

Max is very cute... I just can't believe how fast it's gone... remembering when you came over to take Jack's blessing photos.

The Hansen Clan said...

Max is such a doll! You guys are such a neat family - that kind of extended family support is so key. That's how it was for me growing up and I cannot imagine life without having "a village" around you.

Loved the bib... I think it is his cry for attention :)

Jenny Erazo said...

How fun to have your family be able to support you in things like that! How is everyone doing?

Melissa-Mc said...

That Max-o is definitely a keeper!

Jean McKendrick said...

My sister, Jenny, sent me your blog address. You look wonderful and your little girls are so cute! Where are you guys living? How's Evelyn?

Mrs Ana said...

Okay first of all: I'm always sad that I get left out of most of the family gatherings. Second: I'm so proud to say I was there when my Max was born and he is such a handsome boy! Third: That little chomp Pochito never gave me kisses like that! That really TICKS me off!! And finally: Can I say that I love my Aric and next to Uncle Al he's the toughest man I know! He always make me laugh!

Andrew said...

Hello dat da-dah (fanfare)No, it's not Andy it's me, Evelynne making my first comment. Thanks for making me and my kids famous on your blog, Jess. Now why would I ever do my own blog when you do such a good job? Thanks for the great pics. And hey Jean! I am good - just trying to keep my head above water while navigating life with the 5 little people I convinced my husband to help me bring into this world...Good thing motherhood is just as rewarding as it is challenging:)

Lauren in GA said...

Max-o is so, so, cute! I love the pictures...that cousin picture of the kiss on the very recognizable church foyer couch and the ones of your girls holding Max-o are darling.

Bridget said...

What a cutie.Hope your little guy comes soon too. :)

Joasno said...

Nice work Jess....THis is your brother Jason....Mom is here, so is Zoe and we have been checking out your blog very impressive. Belated happy birthday!!!!! I love and miss you very much. Keep the cute photos coming ;)

Leah said...

I have tender feelings for that family! Love em.

Erin said...

Adorable!!!! So cute. :)

Lindsay said...

Love the bib Aric! And that Max was to die for cuddly, needing to love on him cute! Lucky parents and aunts and cousins and uncles and grandmas!