Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rockin' the Vote


(Eden took this picture of me turning in our ballots)

I'm a voter. I believe every vote counts. Maybe it's because I held an office from the time I was in fifth grade. I had to campaign. I had to make signs. I had to give speeches. And once I won the vote, I took my job seriously. I got to learn from a young age what it meant to be a leader. I got to make a plan a see it through. I loved it. While planning proms, blood drives and homecoming week, I learned about budgets, sponsors, time lines, and delegating. And I got to experience the sweet taste of a successful event. I really felt like I made a difference.

So now I'm a grown up and I vote for real people and I vote on real issues...I take it very seriously. These are some highlights from this election year...

It was a great opportunity to teach my children about our country and our government. My kids actually watched most of the republican convention with me and asked questions that I was able answer in a way that they could understand.

Conversations with friends who understand the importance of being educated on the issues. Thankfully all of my close friends share my same values and we supported the same people and stood on the same side of major issues.

Teaching my kids that just because someone has bad ideas doesn't make them a bad person.

Teaching my kids the history of voting in our country and why it is so important to vote, even if your person doesn't win.

Teaching my children about freedom and why our country is so special.

The bottom line is that I got to share this with my children. They are now old enough to have concerns and ask questions.

It's an exciting time to be alive. Although scary sometimes, I really do find comfort in knowing that God is really in charge. Men can think they are in charge and continue to try to screw things up but He will ultimately always be running the show.

I realized that exercising my right to vote gives me a chance to stand up for what I know is right...

Life is sacred...only God has the right to take it.

Marriage between a man and woman is ordained of God. Men can try and change it and may even get away with it on this earth. But ultimately God will accept only what He has ordained.

Living within our means is a commandment...maybe not one of the ten, but still a commandment. We need to encourage our government to do the same and not support more programs that aren't necessary that will only get us in more debt.

The list goes on but I think I've made my point.

So tonight I will pray for our new president, that he will not screw things up more than they already are. That he will listen to sound advice and keep our country safe. That he will find a better way to get our economy back on track and that he may find a way to ease the suffering of those struggling to survive in our beloved country.


*After we realized Obama had won Maya asked "So now are we going to go into a great deposit?" Obviously she meant depression...her friend at school had said if Obama won that's what would happen. So we got to have a little lesson on that...oh please let us not enter into another great deposit, I don't want to know how worse it can get.


Leah said...

Little Maya said what most of the poor and middle class are expecting. The "great deposit" in their bank accounts once Obama is in the White House and he redistributes the wealth! ;)

Lauren in GA said...

I was surprised at how my kids got into it! It brought some really great teaching moments.

That is neat that you always held offices as a youth.

AMY said...

Yes, the economy is V.E.R.Y. fragile now, and I pray that Obama listens to good advice.

PS I always pictured you queen of your high school. :)

Bridget said...

Yes, Obama has a huge mess left for him on day one of his job. We are so fortunate to live in this country and have the right to vote. There are just too many people in this world who don't have that so we really can't be lazy with ours.

Melissa-Mc said...

Being able to vote is a blessings. Great way to teach your children some big subjects.

nurse graham said...

Regarding your song choice for this post...just because they have bad ideas (and support candidates with bad ideas) doesn't mean they can't make good music. :>)

But seriously, I am so grateful to live in a country where we can exercise our right to vote, and if things go too far astray, we can always impeach.

Natalie said...

Crayton and Piper were really into the election this year too. These are special kids...if ya know what I mean...

Ilene said...

This year I got to vote in an actual polling place. I loved getting the "I Voted" sticker.

Bad ideas doesn't make a bad person teaching is a great one.

Jenny Erazo said...

Jessica..How fun! Your children are beautiful! Check out my blog when you get a moment. We totally need to catch up! I have thought of you often!!!!