Sunday, November 23, 2008

You know I did it...

...of course I saw Twilight opening weekend! Remember this is the girl that read the first three books in a week that would be around 1700 pages my friends! (My kids were at my moms that week. ) 

And then went and got the last book at midnight the day it was released.
It took me about five days to read Breaking Dawn because my kids were around and I couldn't lock myself in my room to read uninterrupted. So needless to say I have been very much anticipating this movie. And let me tell did not disappoint, well maybe the acting did but still, I was thoroughly entertained!

I went with my sister and some of my other Twilight fanatic friends. We went yesterday we weren't crazy enough to do the midnight showing. I have school age kids! There was no way I could have done that and still gotten my kids to school on time the next morning. So I did the responsible thing and went on Saturday.


My review...

I was not a fan of Robert Pattison as Edward...until I saw the movie. He definitely got cuter as the movie went on.

Bella was good, a little too much sighing and heavy breathing for me, but then again I've never been in love with a vampire so maybe that was right on.

L.O.V.E.D  Alice and Emmett, I thought Jasper was great comic relief. Rosalie...not my favorite.
I was also impressed with the "other" vampires, they were very well cast. James and Victoria were very much what I imagined, Laurant wasn't anything I expected but I really liked him.

The music...totally disappointed. In fact I have made my own playlist. I changed my playlist on my blog for this post. So if you want to hear some of  my picks check out the songs below. The song "Asleep" by The Smiths is the song I would hear whenever the book talked about the song Edward wrote for  Bella. Not so much the words just the piano.

Overall I thought they did a great job cramming a lot of story in a two hour movie. I missed the relationship development between Edward and Bella that happens in the book. That is why their connection is so deep. Obviously two hours is not enough time to really get into that but I'm so glad I got to read about it in the book.

So I give this movie almost two thumbs up...the music thing is my only real hang up.

I didn't mind sharing the theater with teeny boppers, and surprisingly there weren't that many. Seeing them did get me thinking. I'm trying to decide if it's a good thing that they think that guys like Edward really exist. Because if they did, those girls wouldn't let a boy treat them like crap or be fooled into thinking that lust is love. On the other don't want these girls raising the bar so high that they won't be able know a good guy when they see one.

All I have to say is that I found a keeper, I'm glad he's not Edward. I really think that after awhile I would get annoyed by the constant hovering. Don't get me wrong I like having Aric's attention, but I do think Edward sort of overdoes it and like I said before having to live with that all the time could get annoying.

I really liked this movie and I can't wait for New Moon/Eclipse. I'm really hoping they do them together because New Moon didn't do that much for me until the last few chapters.


♥Shally said...

NONE of my friends in this city wanted to see the movie!!! AGH!

My hubby went with me.

I loved it. Hope to see it again after Thanksgiving!

Lindsey said...

I love reading everyone's take on the movie. There is just so much feeling behind it all. :)

Alison said...

I like to read everyone's opinion of the movie. They are pretty similar so far. I am hoping to see it over Thanksgiving Weekend! Hope you guys are doing well :)

Ilene said...

Thanks for the recap. I love the stories but I really am not a fan of Bella's until the last book and she becomes a vampire and suddenly she is not such a moron any more.

Bridget said...

I love reading everyone's review. I enjoyed it although a lot of hang ups are the same as yours. The music could have been a LOT better like you said. I thought Carlisle had way too much make up on. He looked like he was ready to act on a stage in a play not in a movie.

Lauren in GA said...

I love how you said that you, "found a keeper"...husbands are better than Edward...although one of my good friends always joked that she doesn't reccomend anyone who doesn't have a strong marriage to read these books because they will start to feel resentment that their husbands don't watch them sleep, compose music for them and the like. I am easy to please...I will take help with housework as the most romantic, charming, and attractive things a man could ever do for me ;)

Jean McKendrick said...

I went and saw it on Friday night. I didn't think it was the best movie but I enjoyed myself (girls night out). I love the books and the movie made me want to reread them. I look forward to the next movie. With all the money this one made I hope they put a little more into the next one.
Did you read her book The Host? What'd you think of that?

Leah and Mike said...

I totally agree with you - LOVED the movie and LOVED the exact characters that you liked. Can't wait for New Moon!!